Switch that supports power monitoring

Did a search, but didn’t see any specific recommendations. Does anyone know of a switch that will report power consumption? Can’t use an outlet in this instance.


The GE Jasco Zigbee switches report energy:

Lowes has had them on clearance/sale for a while:


Thanks, I’ll take a look. That should work.

I have almost 70 of the GE zigbee devices (switches and dimmers). Fast, reliable, and they are zigbee repeaters. Power consumption is in the lower left of the main tile in the Classic app, and a separate “tile” in the new app:

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That’s exactly what I need. Most of mine are currently Z-wave, but I’m not so sure I don’t like Zigbee better. The few Zigbee devices I have seem to be more stable and faster responding. I ordered one to try out. Thanks again.

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This has been my experience as well. I prefer Zigbee over Z-Wave. However, both have their pros and cons.

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Curious, is that with the stock (ie. locally running) DTH?

The switch is called ZigBee Switch Power and the dimmer is called ZigBee Dimmer Power. These are the stock DTH’s and they’re local.