GE Plug-In Smart Switch (45853GE) - How to monitor energy usage?

I purchased a GE Plug-In Smart Switch (45853GE), which is capable of monitoring energy usage; however, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to view energy usage using SmartThings. In the app, under Things, I see the current energy level for the device, but I’m looking for a way to view total kWh over the span of a day/week/month. Is this done through the use of a specific SmartApp? I scoured the SmartApps for a solution, but found nothing, except frustration at the fact SmartThings still doesn’t provide a way to search the SmartApps in the mobile app.

What devicetype is it using? I see the default GE/Jasco ZigBee Switch device should show power.

Like I said, it shows the current energy level for the device, but I’m looking for a way to view total kWh over a specified span of time, like a whole day, week, or month.

the hardware claims to support KWH but the device type/software may not. If you login to IDE/ My Devices/ YOUR-DEVICE-NAME/ Current States
and KWH does not appear then

you want a different device. FYI Most of the Aeon/Aeotech devices show KWH in ST device type.

Otherwise you can estimate KWH by frequently manually checking KW and try to identify a pattern.

P3 Kill-A-Watt has couple good standalone totalizers that do not depend on your smartphone or cloud. You’ll still do the periodic arithmetic manually.

Ok, so I have the same device, and it added to my things, but even though it shows up and I can open the screen showing where the kW should be it just says kW and I can’t actually turn the device off remotely. Not from the list or the device screen. Turning it off just goes to turning off, greyed out of a moment, and back to on/green. The fan plugged into the device also never goes off. The only thing that works is pressing the manual button on the device itself. Is anyone else having problems with this?

I was looking for the same thing you are talking about. I installed my dimmer switches last week. So, I emailed Jasco tech supp. I asked them how I can see the chart they display on their website, which is a histogram of elec usage. I was SHOCKED when I read their response. They said I should contact the manufacturer of the hub! I replied back today asking what hub they used in their picture. I also asked how it’s weird to get that answer when their product page shows a histogram, a feature of THEIR product. So I am baffled why they would use that as a selling point without explaining what hubs are able to show that. They make it seem like their product does the historical information storage. Hope that helps.

You can capture and view your energy usage with the Initial State integration: Initial State Integration Updates (pretty stuff and useful stuff)