Recommendation for cheap energy monitor plug?

I’m looking to automate detecting my (gas) dryer turning off with a plug that provides energy monitoring.
Can anyone suggest an inexpensive plug? Custom DTH is fine, but ideally I’d like to get one that is likely to survive the future groovy sunset but price would be the bigger consideration (given the number of other devices I already have with such dependencies).


What country are you in and what voltage do you need? The device selection does vary.

if you live in the us and since you said gas youd be looking for a heavy duty 120v plug like the aeotec heavy duty plug cable. you need to know the amperage that the motor (electric) part of the dryer is pulling.

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US, 120V.

I could not find any current spec on the manufacturers website, but measure about 5-6amps during operation with my KillAWatt meter.

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that is good that its just using 5-6amps and not 15-18amps like a heater would. so, you should be able to use just about any energy smart plug. i have been using several of the iris energy outlets ($6-10), but they are hard to find now, even on ebay.

for reference here is an ebay link showing the iris energy outlet: Iris Lighting Pack 794770 Model #9411-L , 2 Smart Plugs + 1 Motion Sensor 812489023124 | eBay

another cheap similar-looking energy outlet is the centralite 4257050-RZHAC outlet ($15):

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I use GE’s Zigbee plugs on my gas dryer, washer, and every appliance in the house for that matter. Rock solid and work great. These are not cheap.

Their Zigbee 1.2 versions are still out there and available. Their Zigbee 3.0 version has both outlets as remotely controlled, but does not have power reporting (but I hear it’s coming soon).

This is what I have, and they report power.

EDIT: I had originally posted the 2 pack on sale, but I don’t believe the specs would meet your needs, plus I’m not able to confirm power reporting.

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Odd pricing on that GE 2-pack; more than a 1-pack.
Guess I’ll just have to find another use case for that 2nd monitor I’ll then have. :grin:
BTW, does this use the stock ST handler or will I need a custom DTH to get the monitoring working?

I just edited that post because I can’t confirm that the plugs in that 2 pack will take the load, plus power reporting. I didn’t see all that when I originally posted, sorry about that! Probably explains the price point.

The plug use ST stock handler called “ZigBee Switch Power”, which runs local.

The descriptions are ambiguous. I’m thinking of ordering the 2pack and returning if that feature is absent, given most would ASSume it is given the 1 vs 2-pack choice on the same page.

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I’d love to know too. At that price I’m sure I could find uses somewhere for those things.

What device would not be able to take the 5-6 A load? I am thinking with European head, but even a double plug should be OK for 10-12 A. (Even total 13-16 A usually, if it is a decent one (up to 3.6kW), and I cannot think of anything what would hit that, but an oven or a hob, but those might over achieve and runs generally on a separate breaker and cabling each.)

I just got concerned that I didn’t see more detail for the devices in the 2 pack like I did for the 1 pack, specifically amps and the GE part number was 58375 instead of 45853. Like the OP said, the descriptions are ambiguous so it may be fine. I would have done the same thing and bought them at that price.