"Energy Metering" Service and Fibaro Wall Plugs


I am trying to use the “Energy Metering” Service of SmartThings with my Fibaro Wall Plug FGWPE/F -102 ZW5 (Zwave plus).

The Fibaro Plugs are well added into SmartThings using the “Z-Wave Switch” pilote (2023-08-17T19:47:75), Controller 2.3.25-7.

When selecting the Fibaro Plug in SmartThings App, I can see the graphs for both w and kWh. The changes are well displayed also into the History.

But if I go to the “Energy Metering” Services, none of the Fibaro Plugs seems to be taken in charge ?

It this because the Fibaro Plugs are managed “locally” on my Hub ? If this is the reason, how can this be changed ?

Many thx in adv for your support !

Welcome to the community. The energy app only supports certain Samsung appliances at this time. There are a few community solutions such as Constant Graph and a few others that you can try. Do a search on the forums for energy meter and you will find a few other discussions on this topic.

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Many thx for this confirmation Michael.

I will look at those solutions.


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Your welcome. There are many members here that very helpful. Feel free to ask anything you need!

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