Blue Line Innovations - Whole house electricity sensor

Hi there,
My first post here, I’m about to switch to SmartThings, and I was wondering if the BLI 28000 was supported with ST?
It’s a solution with a Sensor going directly to your power meter and communicates via a Wi-Fi bridge.

Here it is: BLI 28000

Based on searching here, I don’t believe anyone has tried. Do you know if there is a public API for getting at the data? If there is, it should be theoretically possible to write a device handler to integrate this device into ST.

There are other whole-home power meters that are already integrated with ST, however. The Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor is one.

I was thinking I will ask them if they have an API but looking at the Aeon, price wise I’d probably should go with that one, it’s very affordable.