Is there a standard (E26) size smart light socket brand compatible with SmartThings Hub?

I am looking to buy a smart light bulb socket to control an outdoor lighting fixture. I already have a SmartThings Hub. All of the brands available for sale on Amazon (USA) don’t seem to be listed as compatible on the “Works with SmartThings” listing.

Does anyone know of an officially supported brand?

If not, does anyone know of a brand that they found to be compatible anyway?


Hi @SC-Lou, can you clarify that you mean a smart socket or a smart bulb?

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Hi, I am talking about a ‘smart’ light socket that screws into a (USA) regular lamp & then you screw a regular light bulb into & then you can control that light bulb as if it were a ‘smart’ light bulb. Such as the ones on this Amazon web page:

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Edited to update

I missed that your first post specified one for outdoors. Unfortunately, all of the ones that I listed below are not weather rated for outdoor use.

So I would look for something that works with IFTTT.

Below is my original post, but again, I think all of these are only rated for indoors.

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There are a couple that work with smartthings, but they are all huge so I’m not sure if that will fit the lamp/fixture you are thinking of. Is there a reason you don’t want to just use a smart bulb?

Anyway, there were 2 zwave models manufactured for the US, but both have become very hard to find

Everspring AN145

Intermatic HA05

Both should just work with a generic Z wave on/off switch DTH, but again, you’re going to have a hard time finding them unless you’re OK with buying on eBay.

If you find a WiFi one that works with IFTTT, you could use that for partial integration.

Sonoff has one, but I don’t know if it works with their new smartthings integration or not:

The device you linked indicates that you use the Tuya app. So you might get direct integration, but you might not. If not you can get integration by doing the following.

If you open each device in the Smartlife/Tuya app and hit the edit icon it will list the “3rd party controls” that are available for that device. I have 5 Smartlife devices. They all list Alexa and Google controls. Only 1 lists Smartthing control.

In the Smartlife or Tuya apps create seperate “tap-to-run” on and off automations (scenes) for each device you want to use in Smartthings.

In Smartthings run the Tuya integration. Do NOT use the Smartlife integration. (The difference between the Smartlife and Tuya intrigations is that the Tuya integration doesn’t end with an error message. And when you look on linked services the imported scenes are listed under Tuya, unlike Smartlife which is blank.)

When you go back to the main page in Smartthings you will find on and off switchs for each device possibly in No Room Assigned.

They will say they are off line, ignore that for now.

I have been using WebCore with my Smartlife/Tuya devices to overcome the offline issue, and it works good. Reportedly Sharptools can also be used, but I have never tried it.

I create a virtual switch in Smartthings.

In WebCore I create a piston for each device. The first part of the piston say toggle the “on” scene when the virtual switch is turned “on”. The second part of the piston say toggle the “off” scene when the virtual switch is turned “off”.
I have been using for months with no issues.

Any Smartlife/Tuya automations you create get intergrated with Smartthings

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Those $50+ ebay prices are OUTRAGEOUS and DOUBLE the $24 original cost. once in a blue moon you can find one for around $30. Though like JDR mentioned you are better off with a smart light bulb.

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Thanks very much for your help!

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Thank you very much for your help!

Thanks to everyone for your help!

I don’t want to use a smart-bulb because I am currently using a ‘Edison Style’ LED bulb & want to continue using it.

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Philips Hue and LIFX now both have Edison style bulbs if that helps any. So do a couple of other brands. Note that some of these listings are for singles and some are for double packs.

The Sengled are Zigbee bulbs which can be used directly with the smartthings hub. (However, they are not Zigbee repeaters.)

I believe all the others Listed are either Wi-Fi or work with the Phillips hue bridge.