Motion Sensor triggered out door socket (UK)


New to this and bewildered, so go easy :blush:

I have a string of dumb lights in the garden, which I want to keep, but ideally want to be able voice control them, and set them to be triggered by a motion sensor after dark.

I’m thinking I need a socket (or power strip) and motion sensor that will talk to my ST hub and should be able to link the two from there?

Saw this for a socket. It’s smartlife compatible but I dont think that’ll do the trick.

Any suggestions for a sensor/outlet?


What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

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Assuming you are in the UK, based on the link you gave, Meross is a well engineered Wi-Fi brand and has a SmartThings integration from the manufacturer:

So that leaves the question of the sensor. Phillips hue make an outdoor motion sensor which can work Directly with a smartthings Hub without a hue bridge using a custom DTH.

Yes - UK! Thanks for the reply.

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