Enbrighten Smart Motion Sensor Light Switch, On/Off, Vacancy / Occupancy Sensor 26931 Gremlin

I have been trying to track why this light switch goes on randomly for over a year. I decided to get more aggressive with my troubleshooting yesterday. I taped over the face and covered it with paper so random events would not turn it on. I also deactivated all of my automations related to it. I’ve not used webcore, so there should be none of these triggers that should be an issue. It still seems to turn on by itself and then off in 15 minutes (as per the configuration). The frequency is hourly (at night), but it doesn’t always trigger each hour. In the past I’ve not seen this during the day. I’ve got an identical switch elsewhere and do not see this same issue. Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this?

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I have several of these and had a similar issue with one of them. I called GE/Jasco support and it they replaced it under their 5 year warranty. Problem solved. I would suggest giving them a call.


I agree with @ritchierich that it sounds like the device is the problem (unless you’ve somehow missed an automation somewhere). For troubleshooting I’d go scorched earth at this point:

  1. Exclude the device (with hub and device within a few inches of each other)
  2. Factory reset (10x quick presses on the top button)
  3. Include the device (with hub and device within a few inches of each other)

That should completely eliminate automations from being a possibility, and will be the best you can do to knock a gremlin out of the device itself. If that doesn’t work (or even if it does - the device is proving unreliable), try for warranty replacement.


I did scorched earth yesterday (using a proxy for the automations I turned off), and so far it seems to be working and perhaps burned the ST gremlin. The one thing I did not change, which I had changed previously is the setting for the light level to control the switch when triggered. As I’m using this switch for staged DL control, using other sensors, I may no longer need this feature. I guess I’ll add one automation back per day and see what happens- for today I’ll just run in the no automation mode, but sensor un taped.