Foscam as motion detector


I’m looking into setting up a camera or two. I’m new to this, so I’m wondering if it’s possible.

A quick search shows that it could be done via IFTTT to react to email alerts. If there a more elegant way of doing it?

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I have been very happy with sighthound. It has direct IF integration and it can detect people vs simple pixel changes. It can be used to trigger anything IFTTT can trigger on ST. I have suggested they provide a more direct interface or an SDK.

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it may be possible but the motion detection on the foscam isn’t great. the foscam cameras only do pixel changes so if the light changes dramatically that’s a motion event.

I would love to see that as well. Hopefully some one will add motion detection capability to FOSCAM device type. IFTTT is not great solution because it is really slow and not very reliable.

You may want to reach out to @RBoy. He has created a Foscam IP Camera Integration that uses the cameras motion detection. He is the link to the thread. [RELEASE] [Universal] Foscam Camera Device Handler with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD (FI98xx, FI99xx), Cx, Rx, Fosbaby.

That device type allows to set Foscam recording based on ST triggers. I am looking to use FOSCAM as motion detector.

It uses the Foscam motion sensor as the trigger based on item 2 of the link I post earlier. I tiered it out myself several weeks ago before I had any motion sensor and it was trigger by motion on the Foscam.

I have been using it to detect motion on my front and back porches, it has been pretty reliable for me. I usually have notification within 1-5 seconds.

I am using all Foscam cameras. The baked in the detection is not that great, you can check out the link for the detection software in my previous comment.

I also use sighthound. but you cannot remotely arm/disarm - that’s why i’m looking at using just standard motion detection on the camera so I can arm disarm based on presence. Sighthound have no immediate plans to enable remote arm disarm according to Devin on their forum (from last couple of days).

Yes the new device type along with the Foscam Motion Alarm Monitor app - you can now use the Foscam as a Motion Sensor. Note you will need to install both the custom device type and the smart app (ST’s architecture restriction) for it to work as a Motion Sensor.

I have 3 Foscam cameras, all wireless, set up inside my home as surveillance cameras. They are set up to record on motion only. My problem is these cameras use up all my available network. Between the Foscam cameras and SmartThings, my devices can barely run Facebook with what is left on my wireless network. Anybody else have this issue or have a solution?

SmartThings uses very little bandwidth, so it’s not to blame.

For the cameras, there are at least several ways to address that:

  • use wired connection. Powerline adapters might be an option.
  • create a different Wi-Fi network for the cameras. Use a different channel.

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