SHM Offline?

Been unable to get into my Smart Home Monitor all morning. Opened the front door before morning routine went off at 07:30 and I can’t get in to dismiss the notification. Just looking to see if this is just my system or is it widespread.

Can access “Right Now”,
Cannot access “home” or “past events”.

Anyway to clear the notifications from the website?

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It’s the same for me. I can’t get the SHM screen in the app at all.

Luckily I noticed I hadn’t received the notification that Good Morning had run so was able to run manually rather than trigger SHM.


Omg… I looks like the contagion affecting the US SHM over the last couple of weeks is finally hitting the UK servers!
Was hoping due to the size of the UK footprint we’d be unaffected.

its getting a little annoying with the push notification everyone and I cant even clear the false alarm :frowning:

No responses from support? It is very frustrating not being able to clear these notifications.

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Not contacted support as of yet. Seen on a separate post that It seems to be a UK wide occurrence although not all users are affected. Fingers cross they fix it soon. Taking the app off my phones/tablets for the short term and can trust the “automation” to do everything I need, and where this fails Alexa has me looked after :smiley:

Issue fixed