Electric baseboard heater

I have 3 electric baseboard heaters in a room. They are all controlled individually with dials on the heater itself. Is there anything I can install to replace the dial with to control the heaters? Basically this https://www.homelectrical.com/smart-base-programmable-thermostat-electric-baseboard-double-pole.cdt-03400.1.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw9e3YBRBcEiwAzjCJuiKyKhn2V31wH80JLz7GF1I0QSdgXhpzcGSn1nCKd-EwVOZX_F1K0BoCTYkQAvD_BwE but smart things compatible

If you can get to the power the easiest would be to put a plug on each and a temp sensor and just turn power on and off, based on room temp. I do this with a space heater in my master bath.

There are some TRV options, but the device selection does vary depending on the country that you are in. So that would be the first question. :sunglasses:

basically I’m looking for something like this but smart things compatible https://www.homelectrical.com/smart-base-programmable-thermostat-electric-baseboard-double-pole.cdt-03400.1.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw9e3YBRBcEiwAzjCJuiKyKhn2V31wH80JLz7GF1I0QSdgXhpzcGSn1nCKd-EwVOZX_F1K0BoCTYkQAvD_BwE

Still need to know what country you are in…

I’m in the US

Then I believe your options will be the stelpro or the SINOPE. See the following thread (this is clickable link)

That looks like it’s a separate thermostat. All my heaters are individually controlled with a knob on each one. They are not wired together, so I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for.

If you look at the installation instructions for the specific model that you linked to in your first post, you will see that you actually have to remove the knob and splice in the thermostat control to the existing wires. It’s just that because it is made for that particular model of radiator, it looks nice in the baseboard case. But it’s still just wiring an individual thermostat to each radiator.


The link that I gave you up thread covered more than one brand of radiator thermostat. It is true that those would generally be mounted on the wall higher up than the baseboard, but a lot of people prefer that location anyway. The wiring is very similar to the one you gave in your first post, it’s just a longer wire in order to move it up the wall.

In Europe, because radiator systems are much more common, there are “TRV” devices ( thermostat radiator valves) where you remove the existing knob control, and replace it with a smart device. But those don’t typically fit US radiators. Here’s an example of a European one and you can see that theIr knobs stick out from the side of the radiator.


What’s the brand and model of the baseboard heater, then we might be able to see what other options are available.

It’s a cadet. Model 8f2000, Watts 2000/1500, and volts 240/208. It’s 3, 8foot units. 2 are on the same wall and 1 on the opposite wall. All on their own breakers.

Did you find a solution. My whole house has electric baseboards with on unit thermostats. I do not want to have wires running up the walls and due to the house design running and fishing thermostat wires everywhere is not realistic.
I need a solution for 7 units.

Unfortunately not, I ended up buying a cadet programmable thermostat from home depot. They are $70 a piece so with 7 units it’ll get expensive quick. Installation is easy though and they work nice.

I’m thinking of trying one of the devices listed on my recent post.

I am going to try this on one of my smaller units.
NuTone NFS20Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Isolated Fixture Mounted Control, White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WXLRF2U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_qFpsCbWPWJ6HQ

$70 would get expensive real fast … each baseboard is in its own room. So I would need 7 … ugg

My heaters are 240v, not sure on yours but I don’t think this will work, as it’s only 120. This seems to be more of a power switch rather than being able to control temp too, I believe. If you can find the controls I bought elsewhere, home depot does price match. I hope you can find a good option, I tried for quite awhile unsuccessfully.

The devices listed are just power switches, but add a cheap motion sensor that measures temp and you have a thermostat.