New HVAC setup possibilities (help)

(Bryan McManus) #1

I just moved to a new home that I think has great potential for a smart HAVC set up but need help identifying my needs. Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Here is the structure. Currently the house only uses one thermostat and it controls the entire house (2 levels). This was done after a air conditioner replacement. Prior to that there were at least 2 if not 3 thermostats controlling one source by use of dampers. I have identified one unused damper right off the fan assembly but am not sure if the other still exists. 2 of the old thermostats are on the lower level, I don’t feel that needs to be split in 2 zones so the one damper seams fine. In addition to all that there are a few electric baseboard heaters on the lower level that are controlled by timer switches.

Basically I would like to get the damper re hooked up and integrate the baseboard heaters some how. And of course integrate it all with Smartthings. Typical thermostat controls would be great. If I can individually control each level temps and even the baseboard heaters that would be even better.


(Colin) #2

The main damper you found by the blower is likely the damper that would shut off the whole system, or one entire leg, but it’s hard to know when we’re not there to see the routing of the duct work… The success of what you want to accomplish is also going to depend on whether or not the other dampers are still present and if you want or need to use them. Can you see all of the duct work where the dampers should be or were located? As for the baseboard heat, that might be 220v or 110v, do you know which? That will also determine what options are available for you.

(Ray) #3

Depending on what you have but With 220v. The most simple way to integrate ST to your baseboard heater is having this module above. Expensive but you will have way more options with thermostat.

(Bryan McManus) #4

I would guess the heaters (2 sets of them) are 220. They seam large and powerful plus the timer switch looks like something you would see at a hotel for a hot tub. HAHA Is there any easy way to check? They are hard wired into the house. If they are 220 they would each have their own breaker right?

The damper I can see is a Honeywell troll-a-temp. I can only see one but I think the seller left the original blue prints behind so I will take a look at those when I get home.

(Ray) #5

Right. Search for the breakers and maybe label them for future ref.
You can open the thermostat and have a quick look behind as well. If you see only red and black and they are 12 gauge wires then most likely 220V. My theory about checking electrical stuff is “trust no one”. :smile:

(Bryan McManus) #6

There is no thermostats on the baseboards just manual timers. But the thermostats on that level control the forced air. I will check the panel and report back.

The wiring in this house is insane (in a good way). The owner who built it owned an electrician business and there are switches and stuff everywhere. HAHA I have only been living there a week so I am constantly asking “what’s this do” or “which switch does (blank)”.

(Bryan McManus) #7

Ok I did my homework and am not as optimistic as before.

The baseboards are definitely 220. They each have their own 240V breaker. Also, I believe in addition to each timer switch they both have their own thermostat. I would think this also controls them but I am not sure.

The blueprints I have did not show the HVAC components so that wasn’t much help. Also it looks like there is only on damper left at the top of the blower there is a split and one side has a damper and the other does not. So unless I put another in which would still only control side to side and not up and down.

So any ideas on a good way to integrate the baseboards within a reasonable cost?