Controling electric baseboard heat without a thermostat

I have baseboard heat that has an integrated thermostat like the one here.

I am looking for a way to turn the units (7 in total)
On and off. I do not want a thermostat.

Similar posts direct people to mounting a smart thermostat at the heater. The other suggestion I have seen for similar problems is to wire the unit to a plug. This is also not an option due to the load on the breakers.

I am looking only for the ability to turn it on and off. Leaving the existing integrated theromstat in place in case of an outage (so I can manually over ride if the need arises and still have them turn off)

I believe that I am looking for something similar to the devices that turn a regual switch into a smart switch. I think something like the “Enerwave ZWN-RSM1-PLUS Z-Wave Relay, Z-Wave Plus Micro Switch” may work but wish I could find someone who has solved this issue.

I would like a solution that is hard wired

Off season the units are shut off at the breaker.

I am in the US. The baseboards are 240-Volt and the largest is 2000-Watt Standard Electric Baseboard Heaters. The manufacturer says that the heater safely hard-wires for 2000 W at 240 V or 1500 W at 208 V if that matters.
Standard dual-rated 240/208 volt models are 250 watts per foot at 240 volt, and low density 187 watts per foot at 208 volt. My units are between 6-8ft

Something like this might be an option.

or this?

I would recommend:
You would need more than one. Maybe one for each base board.
You would need to wire in parallel with your existing thermostats to allow independent ability to turn the heaters on. Not sure where you would mount it. Maybe it would fit in the wall behind the existing thermostats.

Thank Mike and Scott
After reading the specs it looks like each of these would work!