Electric heating


I want to control my electric baseboard heaters all at once (through web interface or else). I found that Sinope might be the best option so far but the new model that just came out sells for 110$ each. Since i need 10 of them, that pretty expensive.

Is there any better option out there?

Depends on the wattage of your heaters

Use smartthings with a smart plug (if wattage low enough) and one of the integrated temp sensors
That way you can program them to turn on/off when you want and use a smartapp to control room temp.

Just for the price of 10x smartplugs or similar and a smart sensor of some kind

Hi Cobra,

Thank you for your answer. They are between 1000W and 2500W. Where can i find more info about your solution?

It depends on where you are as to that answer.
There a big differences in the devices you can buy depending on your hub and where you are.
I live in the UK so my choices are more limited than someone living in the US

Ah i see. I have the hub v2 (or whatever the lattest is) from the US.

But if i have to buy a 50$ switch + sensor, that come close to same price with much more hassle

I have a similar situation with my conservatory underfloor heating…

I use a Fibaro relay to turn on/off and the temperature readings from a Smartthings door sensor.

Along with an app I wrote to control it all

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