Edting Aeon Labs Gen 5 siren

Just received this siren. It set up as sound 1 volume 3 as default.

Trying out different sounds and volumes in Edit Device, changes are not being saved. Some are, some aren’t. Not sure what the problem is.

In addition, Aeon Labs recommends different settings for different events, but SmartThings has one device for the device and that seems to be it. How can we set up a different tone and volume for different events?

Thanks for any and all help on both topics.

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Answered my first question: I went into graph.api,smartthings.com and changes to the device there were saved.

I have one of these sirens too but with the current device type, you can only set the tones and volumes in the preferences and it applies to all incidences whenever the siren is turned on. It would be nice to be able to switch tones and volumes “on the fly” depending on the situation. For example, I wanted to use a more gentler tone and softer volume whenever my mailbox opens but a louder and more siren like sound in an emergency.

Yeah, I have the devil of a time hearing the dryer sound. I have set up the dryer app to flash lights, but I’m not always where the lights are (such as out on the deck). Would be great to set off a gentler alarm for the dryer.