Aeon Siren - Can't Edit Settings

I purchased an Aeon Siren that I want to use for audio alerts of certain events (water leak detected, for example). I can’t seem to edit the settings via the Android Smartthings App. I need to lower the volume and evaluate the siren sound options.

When I go in to “Edit Device” the default values for the name, sounds, and volume are displayed. When I edit the values (or leave them the same) and press “Done” I get a message saying “Please fill out all required fields.”

I’ve sent a message to support and I thought I’d check in here to see if anyone has any ideas. I’ve tried changing the device type and then changing it back but that didn’t help.


You can edit the sound and volume in the IDE. Just log in, go to my devices, select the Aeon Siren, find “Preferences” click on edit, you can then change the settings and hit save…

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Thanks! That did the trick. I appreciate it!

No problem…this is a great community and I have been helped many times myself…

I’m having the same problems. I’ll edit in IDE, but I don’t want to! I assume this is an issue with the device type?

I’d like a loud alarm when a door opens while we’re asleep AND a quiet beep during the day. Is that possible, the settings seem to indicate a single Global setting and that have different beeps/volumes for different events is not possible. is that correct?

Also, if possible how do you change the duration to something less than 1 minute (e.g. 5 seconds). The setting in the Security app only lets you enter in whole numbers for minutes 1, 2, 3, … etc. Nothing for .5 minutes or 10 seconds.

That functionality is possible, but only if you use a custom device handler.

@krlaframboise, Well done. Thank you. Installing now. I’ll continue in the other thread for the challenges it’s experiencing. Thanks again.