Sensibo integration 2

Hey guys, this topic is quite old, from 2015, and really massive, … I just have a few simple questions. I got my Sensibo, installed Sensibo app and added it to Smartthings app, it works, but automation is terrible or not working at all. I can see Sensibo in my Smartthings web-dashboard, but can’t see it in webcore device list. Is there something wrong with my integration? If not, I guess I have to do it manually? By adding through “New SmartApps” and “My Device Handlers” as above? If yes, where the latest version code for it please? Thanks in advance.

Just saw this post. If you are using the official way to add the sensibo into your smartthings, you need to go the webcore capability group 3 to find the sensibo devices under thermalstat (cooling)

thanks, can you navigate me please? I have the webcore installed and have a few pistons running, but never saw the “webcore capability group 3”, thanks again

it is in the app. click your smart app --> settings --> available devices

ok, thanks, will do