Edit Scene from IDE?

I’m creating some lighting scenes in the new app and I can’t f*ing stand the “color wheel,” I want to just code the RGB value (I’m having a hard time hitting pure blue, pure red, etc). I was hoping I could just come to the IDE and manually create the scene. Is this possible?

Perhaps I need to create the scene through the app then I can edit the details in IDE? That’s acceptable and I can view my scenes (IDE > Locations > Scenes), but I’m stuck at view.

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No you cannot wprk with scenes in the IDE.

My workaround is to set the bulb with Alexa then use current color when setting up the scene. I can’t say for sure that Alexa’s red is pure red, but it’s better than the pink I end up with from the color wheel.


Ha… I’ve used the same workaround from Google Home but I’m having infinite issues with that integration since the migration to the new ST platform. I was hoping ST could just, you know, solve it themselves. :frowning:

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Wouldn’t that be nice? I don’t see any way to edit scenes through the API or CLI either.

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