Create Scenes from current light settings?

There was a Scene Machine app in groovy that allowed on to create a scene based on the state (on/off, dim, color) of devices. That seems to have gone the way of the dodo with the new IDE

Anyone know how to accomplish this with the new IDE?

Sorry, I don’t remember Scene Machine.

You do have options available in the ST app and CLI to try and accomplish what you want:

  • Routines
  • Smart lighting if available in your region. (In Routines, tap on the Discover icon in the upper right of the screen)
  • Rules API through CLI
  • Scenes which are now called “Manually Run Routines”
  • and a third-party solution - SmartTools Rules Engine
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There is no new IDE. (An IDE is an integrated development environment and typically has a simulator.) what we have instead is just a webpage interface to your smartthings account at

And smartthings no longer provides a cloud to host custom SmartApps, which is what the old scene machine was. :thinking:

So the short answer is, unfortunately not: there is nothing publicly available that I have seen that will allow you to easily capture the existing state of devices and create a manually run routine (the new smartthings name for scenes) from that. Instead, you have to manually set each value yourself. :cold_sweat:

There’s nothing to stop someone from writing an endpoint smart app that would do this automatically, but each user would have to host it themselves, either in the cloud, or on a local server device, and, to be honest, that’s just been too much work for the community in general. There have only been a couple of endpoint smartapps that have been publicly released.

If you’d be willing to pay for access to that kind of feature, you could suggest it to @rboy or @tim99 . Or maybe @blueyetisoftware . They’re the only ones I know who’ve really been looking into releasing licensed endpoint smartapps under the new architecture. But I don’t think anybody has done one yet, and they may already be busy with their existing projects, so it could take a while. :man_shrugging:t2:


Disappointing, indeed, but thank you for a very detailed and clear answer. I’ll get my new terminology correct soon!

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This is where a product like Hue shines (yes, punning). Yeah it’s a bit pricier than some others, but any scene you’ve created can be saved.

You can of course do it in ST, but it involves manually copying the settings involved and then building the Routine that gets you to where you want to be.

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