Set colour code in a scene for hue bulbs

Hi all, so I really like the colours that come as pre programmed profiles on the hue and am trying to copy those colour codes exactly so I can activate them via a scene.

I cannot find a place to set the colour code and the colour temperature code in the scene settings however. Any ideas how I can simply add the colour code into a scene?

Scenes can only be programmed via the UI (App) in the current version of SmartThings.

Explore the IDE thoroughly in case it allows field value inputs anywhere, but I doubt it.

The new API has hooks into Scenes which may eventually be the best solution.

In the meantime, don’t use Scenes: Use WebCoRE or some other custom SmartApp.

When you add a Hue bulb to a scene, hit next. The bulb is now in a list preset with ‘On’. Click the bulb for a device settings menu and click “+ Add Device Option”. From here, you can add Brightness, Color and/or Color Temperature.

As far as matching the Hue scene colors, I figured out how to capture them once but I do not recall how. I think I set the bulbs via Hue App Scenes, waited a few minutes, and then captured the color parameters in a WebCore piston that dumped the values into a notification. It was a bit of effort.

I never thought to check IDE, but you should be able to retrieve it there too.

I will try it with webcore. I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted last time I tried though.

It’s the colour code I want to add in scenes. All that I can see is the colour pallet.

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