Modify a Scene

(MyHome1259) #1

How do you modify a ‘Scene’? For example, I have two lights that are to turn OFF at a certain time. If I want to change the lights, or the time- the only option I have is to ‘change the scene icon’ or ‘delete’ the scene.


Did you check the official knowledgebase article?

I can’t promise it works, since I still can’t use the mobile app, but they do have instructions there for editing a scene. :sunglasses:

(Jimmy) #3

on iOS you can swipe left to remove a device from a scene. However, the time is not setup in the scene itself. It would be set in the Smart Lighting automation or Routine that calls the scene.

(Robin) #4

Have you tried the Samsung Connect app?

If it’s any better, maybe you could join the current migration Beta?


I don’t do betas. :wink:

(Robin) #6

Me neither… too much to break!

But hopefully when migration is released officially, they will have made some effort on accessibility!!

(John P. Hoke) #7

I wanted to say but ST is a permanent beta … but I wont :slight_smile: