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Hello all,

I’m by no means a programmer. I’ve tinkered in the past and have a very technical background, so I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble picking it up. Currently, I have some native smart apps installed to do basic things around the house. Set alarms, unlock doors, etc. All of the smart apps I’m using were already available in the app. I’v registered to be a developer and started toying around with the IDE. I see several example apps and shared apps, but not the exact ones I have installed (The ones already available in the mobile app).

Can I find the exact apps that are already available / installed? When I go to my smart apps in the developer menu, it only shows newly created apps. Since I haven’t created any yet, I’d like to see the existing ones I’ve been using and learn from those.

Can I edit / debug an app that is running on my system now? For example, I have the “lock door after closed for a specified time” app. However, I’m experiencing some intermittent issues. I’d like to troubleshoot and try to understand if there are some glitches in the code or if it’s a hardware type issue. I used the live logging, but it doesn’t show me the code so I can understand whats going on.

Thanks for the help. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this community.



This is part of the mess that is SmartThings. Many of the apps that are available from the mobile app are available in the example apps in the IDE. But the ones that get assigned through Hello Home and the devices themselves are not.

Obviously you can only edit and republish apps that are available in the IDE.

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Hello home is protected i think. As for the devices types. They are available through the example devices.

You misunderstood me. I was referring to apps installed from the device interface.

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Got ya :smile:

Most of the stock apps (the ones available in the mobile app) are pretty simple (excluding things like Wemo, Sonos, etc.). You won’t find those apps exactly in the IDE, but you will find ones that are similar (even a Sonos app). You just have to dive in and try modifying one of the apps you find in the IDE to suit what you want to do. Pretty quickly, you will get the basics of how apps are put together, and how to do the things you want.

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Thanks all. I’m going to start writing a few apps to see how it goes.

I’m still a little baffled on why my lock app is working so intermittently. I can manually go in and lock the device using the “things” menu and it’s 100% reliable. So, I’m leaning towards some type of issue with the app.

@scottinpollock: why do you always have something negative to say? If you’re that unhappy with the product, maybe you should get rid of it?

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Because if you don’t challenge the status quo, it remains.

Challenging the status quo is different then being blatantly negative

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If there’s an app you guys want to see that isn’t available in the IDE under examples just shoot me a PM. I’ll see if I can coax it out of our github and post it here.


What would be more useful would be a section in the Browse SmartApps stuff which had most if not all of the built-in SmartApps.

This exists in the IDE already though.