SmartApps dont appear in app

Hi I’m having an issue in which smartapps I add through the app do not show up in my list of apps at all. I can see them in the IDE but not on my list of apps. Strangely, I’m only able to see those Apps listed as “Other” in the IDE. Solutions and other groups don’t show up at all. I’ve added the SmartLock app several times and can’t see it or use it. Am I missing something obvious? I recently changed my email address with SmartThings and this has caused all kinds of problems but I dont know how to fix this one.


Are you looking in Automation: SmartApps?

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Yes I am looking at Automation/SmartApps and only see the smartApps that are listed under “Other” within the IDE. I have added apps through GitHub integration and those seem to appear with no issue. But I can’t seem to install anything but “Other” category apps.

Sorry, I am confused as to what you want. Nearly every smartapp you install, whether through the MarketPlace or through IDE will appear under the IDE: My Locations: smartapps: Other section except for Smart Home Monitor and Smart Locks which will be listed under Solutions. Routines are under Hello Home.

the ST Smart Locks (installed from Marketplace) will be in your Dashboard at the bottom. Or are you referring to a different SmartLock app? If you installed Lock Manager, you need to go to Marketplace: Smartapps: My Apps and open it there, click save and then you can access it in Automation: SmartApps.

Did you install to the ST app through Marketplace>Smart apps>+My Apps after adding them from the IDE or Marketplace?

Not quite sure why you are in the IDE looking at Locations / Installed SmartApps. All custom installed SmartApps added from the Marketplace are going to show here under Other which is normal. Not sure why you are looking here, unless you are troubleshooting an install.

The IDE is used to add the code (SmartApps and Device Handlers)

Then in the ST Mobile app to install a SmartApp, you goto Marketplace and add it.

Then to access your SmartApps in the future, you access them in the mobile app under the Automation tab and then select SmartApps.

This shows every active SmartApp that you have installed for your SmartThings account:

As @jkp noted, the Smart Locks SmartApp is unique in that it doesn’t get listed under SmartApps, instead it shows on the Dashboard page (this is something that ST did).

Thanks everyone, I was just looking in the wrong place and assumed the SmartLock App would show up in the SmartApps screen so it could be configured/managed. I hadn’t thought to look at the dashboard. I think some consistency in how Apps get installed and work would be helpful in avoiding this in the future.