EDIT: Dead Radio? Hub doesn't see Zigbee lights (OSRAM, SYLVANIA)

Forgive my ignorance, I know it gets tiresome helping newbies with setup questions all the time, but I’ve literally spent a full day on this now and am unsure on what my next step should be.

Here’s the story:
New to smart-home devices. I work in a music studio and the boss is away for a bit. I wanted to surprise him with some groovy colored lights in the recording booth.
I bought a couple bulbs to test out:

  • OSRAM Lightify LED Full Color A19 Bulb
  • SYLVANIA Smart+ Zigbee Full Color Recessed 5/6" kit
    And I bought a Samsung SmartThings Hub (v2) to control them.

Basically, the hub isn’t detecting anything. It’s on firmware 21.13, i can see the hub fine via both smartthings apps. Can not add devices. Everything was brand new. Bulbs from Amazon, hub from Home Depot. Lights flash through 3 colors before staying white, indicating they are in pairing mode.
Since i had no luck at the studio, i took the hub and A19 bulb home and tried there. Same issue.

Now… am I missing something? This SHOULD work right??

TL;DR: Hub won’t see my lights.

Is it possible my brand new hub could have a dead Zigbee radio inside??
When checking it out in IDE, under the ‘Zigbee’ section it says Undetected.

State: Not detected
Version: 0.0.0
EUI: 0000000000000000
Channel: 0
Node ID: 0000
Pan ID: 0000
OTA: disabled
Unsecure Rejoin: true

Is this because i don’t have a device connected, or is this the actual zigbee radio inside that is not detected?
Compare this to Z-Wave which says “Functional”

If you haven ‘t done so already, please contact ST support @ https://support.smartthings.com

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Just as an update, I got in touch with support, and they were very helpful and great to chat with.
At first they thought it was a region issue, since my samsung account is based in a different country, but in the end it was in fact a faulty hub.
This was very disappointing, as i couldn’t have everything set up when i wanted it. But, it was probably the best customer support experience I’ve had, so I’ll gladly stay with Samsung for the next hub.

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