Edge driver request for Bluetooth Christmas Lights

I have some smart c7 Christmas lights that connect using Bluetooth to Alexa. I’d like a edge driver to connect them to SmartThings.

Here is a link to the lights on Amazon:

C7 Smart Christmas Lights, 32.8Ft LED Smart Outdoor String Lights, Smart Christmas Tree Lights, 50 Dimmable LED Bulbs with Remote&App, Music Sync&Timer Control, Waterproof for Christmas Decor https://a.co/d/bnlxHSo

Unfortunately, that’s not possible at The time of this posting. :disappointed_relieved: Although the smartthings hub does have a Bluetooth radio, it is only used for its own setup and Bluetooth devices cannot be added to a smartthings hub. Or used in automations.

Edge Drivers can be written for devices using zwave, Matter over Thread, Matter over WiFi, some zigbee profiles, and some other Wi-Fi devices (usually those with an open API). But not Bluetooth.


If you have a Smartthings (ST) hub you could leave the bluetooth lights connected to Alexa and create virtual A!exa Switches in ST. Then use the contacts associated with the Alexa switch to trigger Alexa routines.

If you don’t have a hub you can use a virtual lock.

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