C by ge with reach hub and smartthings hub v2

Anyone know why I can connect ge c bluetooth life and sleep bulbs with alexa using the smartthings hub when adding bulbs, and not smartthings app?
Trying to find anything on smartthings and I bluetooth.
Has anyone used webcore to get bluetooth integration with smartthings.
Does anyone think smartthings will add bluetooth lights with hue coming out with bluetooth lights.
Thank you!

The Bluetooth antenna inside the smartthings hub is inactive. You cannot use it for anything.

If you are using the new V3 app, and your phone has Bluetooth, you will be able to connect some Bluetooth devices to your phone and get access to them in the app that way. But your phone has to continue to remain within range of the devices in order for anything to work.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m still on hub v2. Would be nice if Samsung activate the bluetooth antenna inside and also be able to use the USB connections on the back of the hub.

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It’s been an ask for years. It’s not likely.


Bluetooth was promised so I upgraded to V2 before it was widely available and I regret doing it.