Edge Driver or Device Handeler for a TUYA (Zemismart) Zigbee plug with energy mesurment capabilities


I have a bunch of the the Zemismart plug with energy monitoring capabilities that work properly on the Smart Life app. I would like to transition them to Smartthings. For now I’m already able to use them on Smartthings but by doing so I loose the energy monitoring capabilities. I imagine that someone already developed and Edge driver for these devices (tuya plugs). If so, could someone add the Fingerprint bellow on the Edge driver?

Data * application: 44

  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_5f43h46b
  • model: TS011F
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER
    Raw Description 01 0104 010A 01 09 0003 0004 0005 0006 0702 0B04 E001 E000 0000 02 0019 000A

Check here to see if it is supported:

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo Do you have an Edge driver for smart plugs right?
I used yours but id only functioned as ON and OFF. No mesurment …

I will try.

I tryed both:

Zigbee Switch Mc and Zigbee Multi Switch Mc and they only worked as on and off.

This device is in zigbee Switch Power Mc driver.
Install It and must works fine.


Which EDGE should I select? Right now I’m using the Zigbee Switch Mc driver and it doesn’t monitore energy. I will try to film it to you.

You are using: Zigbee Switch Mc driver
You need to use: Zigbee Switch Power Mc driver


Yesss It worked!!!

Clik on the link bellow and then select the driver bellow!

Zigbee Switch Power Mc

Thank you jkp for guiding me to the proper driver and thank you Mariano for writing it!!!

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Hello @Mariano_Colmenarejo !

I would like to give you a feedback on this Edge Driver.

It is working as I said yesterday, but the check interval of the energy mesurment seems to be much lower than the one on the Smart Life app. Ex I set up a few automations based on energy consumption (over 1 and below 1W) and it takes minutes (maybe over 10 minutes) before it check it up in order to start the automations. 1 - 2 minutes would be ok if not instantaneous.

Is it right? Is there anything to be done? Is the issue the device itself (it is happening with all these plugs)?


Hi @Noe_Bailly

The drivers use the default settings for power and energy reports.
I don’t remember the exact change values to send the reports and I don’t have access to it right now, but 10 minutes seems like a long time to me.

If you configured the power routines with >= 1 watt and <= 1 watt power they should run instantly if it goes from 0 to >= 1 watt on or when it drops <= 1 watt off.

The routine only fires once, for example, when the condition is met (>=1w) it fires. For it to trigger again, it has to not meet the condition (0w) and then meet it again (>=1w)

Are there more conditions that have to be met in the routine?

I also expected it to happen instantaneously.
Yes there is one additional condition (if it is night time, which was when I noticed the delay on starting the routine).
I’m not 100% sure about taking over 10 minutes. I will try to chronometer the delay and let you know.

Dude, is someone paying you for doing this somehow? You should have a patron channel in which you prioritize the supporters requests. I’m from Brazil, so not rich at all but I would happily send you an EURO per each Eadge device that I use from your library.

I tested here again. With only one condition. Nothing happened until I “refreshed” the device on the Smartthings app. I entered on history of the trigger device, scrolled up maximum and only the it triggered the routine. Without refreshing nothing happened during 5 minutes. And i didn’t want to wait more.

I don’t quite understand what’s happening to you.

If the routine is activated, it is because the driver has enitted the power event.
In the history of the device it may take the event to appear from instantaneous to hours, depending of the delay of the history server.

When it appears, it will have the event in the history with the original broadcast time and you will be able to see how long it took for the event to be broadcast from the previous value.

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Still, the 1w or higher and 1w or lower are not happening instantaneously at all. Do you have one of these devices?

Hi @Noe_Bailly

I don’t have any of those devices, But there are multiple users with those devices and I am not aware of any delays in power and energy reporting.

I know there were problems with the update of the android app to show the power information, but they have already solved it.

If you have the CLI installed, you can see exactly the time since you send the On command and how long it takes for the device to respond and for the On status and the power and energy event to be emitted.

You can also see the time since the device connected to the socket begins to consume energy and the response of the socket to the driver.

Without see concrete data I cannot help you diagnose what is happening.

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I don’t know waht is the CLI to install it. I will research.

Install CLI on your computer:
• You have to download from this link lastet release of the compressed file smartthings-win.zip, if you use windows or the one necessary for your operating system
• In that link you also have installation help, use and all the commands you can use

smartthings-cli/packages/cli at master · SmartThingsCommunity/smartthings-cli - smartthings edge:channels:update [ID]

• Unzip it and move the smartthings.exe file to a folder on your computer from where it will be used. for example to a new folder in documents/CLI
• You have to open the windows powerShell terminal window and you have to go to the directory (folder) where the smarttings.exe file is.
• Use the DOS commands “cd…” to move down directory and “cd directory name” to move to that directory. This is an example of my folder for CLI or VSC folder

• the first time you type a CLI command it will take you to the smartthing page to authorize your account.
• type .\smartthings edge:drivers:logcat
• enter the IP of your HUB, you can see it in IDE
• It will show you the list of drivers installed on your HUB
• type the number corresponding to the driver you want to see
• It will show you the activity of the device connected to that driver


Seems to be pretty scary but I will try to do it on the weekend. Tks for all your support to our comunity!


Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Your edge driver “zigbee-switch-power-v5”…
I am sure that energy measurement works fine (tested in 4 devices).

But, does it provide measurement data for ST/Life’s Energy Smartapp?
I have all my Samsung ACs there, and plugs also were able to send data before edge update.
I’d like only to be sure with you if it is or not working.