(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc, Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc

Hi @Rick_VB
I need the complete fingerprints, with the clusters, IDE information or with Zigbee Thing Mc.

The smarttthing button, if I add it, it will be removing the button capabilities and leaving only temperature and battery. It would not make sense to use something that you hold in your hand as a thermostat.

Is that more than this information? And if so, where can I find the clusters, ID or zigbee thing mc?
Like this?

  • id: “CentraLite/Contact Sensor-A”
    deviceLabel: Sylvania Open/Close Sensor
    manufacturer: CentraLite
    model: Contact Sensor-A
    deviceProfileName: contact-temp-sensor


  • id: “Samjin/multi”
    deviceLabel: Multipurpose Sensor
    manufacturer: Samjin
    model: multi
    deviceProfileName: st-multipurpose

And this one is a bonus if it’s possible…it’s a motion detector/temp sensor that the motion always stops working but the temp sensor is a real workhorse on.

  • id: “Bosch/ISW-ZPR1-WP13”
    deviceLabel: Motion and Temp Sensor
    manufacturer: Bosch
    model: ISW-ZPR1-WP13
    deviceProfileName: motion-temp-battery

Hi @Rick_VB

These three devices are added to to this driver version of zigbee thermostat.

This driver works as a Multipurpose or Motion or Contact sensor with the Thermostat functions.

If yours devices are working with a edge driver, then You can perform a driver change to this driver in app

 Name         Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc
 Version      2022-11-15T12:10:19.67767223
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Thanks much! I had a bit of confusion as there’s a Zigbee sensor with Thermostat, and a Zigbee sensor with Child thermostat. The child driver shows up first in the list…once I installed the correct driver, then it showed up.

So I’m using the Zigbee sensor with Thermostat Mc. Looks good, I like it!

However there’s a few quirks… When I switch the driver, everything shows up correctly in Fahrenheit. However the settings say Celsius. If I leave it, then the heating temp will eventually convert the number to C, from say 77 F to 156F, but leaves the F. If I change it to Celsius, it changes the number, but not the F.

Also, is “Pending Heat” the equivalent to “Idle”?

The default units are ºC.
When you switch to ºF you may have to clear the app cache the first time.

You will also have to change in preferences the default values in ºC for all the thermostat modes to its equivalent in ºF with the value that you need in each mode.

The Pending Heat or Pending Cool state indicates that the target value for stopping heating or cooling has been reached. Turn Off switch heater or cooler
The Heating or Cooling State indicate need turn On Heater or Cooler

State changes may occur a few tenths of a degree before the set point, so as not to exceed it with the thermal inertia of your installation. to adjust this point you have to adjust the Differential Temp for Start and Stop in preferences. Default is 0.5.

Idle State indicate the thermostat is Off Mode and not perform control the temperature to reach the set point.

You can consult the instructions for use in this link to first post

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Does this mean the state will never be Idle when the mode is set to Heat?

The Idle State is show when the Thermostar Mode is Off.
The timer that performs the routine of comparing the current temperature with the set point stops


Thanks Mariano, that seems to be working for me. I was able to replace one thermostat successfully, and set up the other two, and I’ll watch them for a bit before completing the replacement (tying them to the relays).

I appreciate the work you’ve put into it! With the random replacements of drivers, I was getting really nervous that one of these cold days the thermostats would just stop working…and my wife gets cranky really fast if her pellet heater isn’t running!! :smiley:

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Hi, Very stupid question…
How do you install these drivers? I have only managed to install RDG…-named drivers for my zigbee temp/humi sensor because there was direct link that installed those drivers on my hub. I have only used mobile app for smartthings and IDE.

Hi @Teemu_Huttunen

If You want to install my Edge driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc then follow next steps:

  • click on this link to enroll your Hub on my Edge drivers shared channel.
    SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
  • Follow the steps to accept and enroll your hub
  • Enter to see the drivers that the channel has and look for the Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc driver
  • Click on install. The driver will be installed on your Hub
  • If your device is not working with a edge driver, then In App uninstall device
  • In the App add the device with the option to search nearby
  • The device will appear in Unassigned Room
  • If your device is working with other edge driver then perform a driver Change:
    • In device detail view enter in setting menu an click in Driver option
    • Click in Select other Driver and select Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc

Hi guys, I have installed this driver for my aqara temp sensor:

Now the problem is, that aqara somehow stops responding and from time to time goes offline.
It reconnects back but I lose some of the routine in which aqara sensor was present.

I have no idea where to look or start. Maybe somebody will have an idea? :grin: Thanks

Hi @Spektr

It may have to do with a weak signal in the connection to the hub.

If routines with this device are lost, it may even automatically re-pair and be assigned a new device_id.

Try to put some repeater between the device and the hub

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I understand, but the distance between hub and aqara is like 4 meters. :roll_eyes: Will see how it will work today.

One more thing. I see that temperature on info panel is around 20,but when I click on aqara it says 21.2

Is this OK?

Hi @Spektr

These two temperatures should be the same, with the difference that the temperature reported in the details view is rounded to 1 decimal of the temperature from the info panel, which is the one sent by the sensor with 2 decimal places.

They can only get out of sync for a while when you enter a temperature offset in preferences:

  • The thermostat applies the correction in the next calculation cycle, maximum 20 sec.
  • The App will apply the correction entered in preferences when the device sends the following temperature data. Nothing can be done here.

The time it takes for the device to send a new temperature will be the time that there is a difference in information.
As the aqara sensors do not strictly follow with the 3.0 protocol in terms of report configuration, this time can be longer than in other devices, such as the sonoff, which sends a new report in 5 minutes.

You can try do a refresh command in App to see if device wake up and send new data

The thermostat, which is the important thing, applies the corrected required temperature in a maximum of 20 sec.

Thanks for all this information. What do you thing about “You can try do a refresh command in App to see if device wake up and send new data”? Where is that?

Are there any logs? When I first add aqara sensor I get temperature and humidity. That’s OK. Then sometimes I get one or two updates, and after that it’s over. Now I would like to see what is happening :roll_eyes:

Hi @Spektr

In the App you enter the device and if you slide your finger down in the details view a refresh command is generated, which tries to update the capabilities of the device


If you want you can try the Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc driver.
This driver has a temperature and humidity sensor device with custom settings for temperature and humidity

You can create in preferences a separate virtual Thermostat device identical to the one you are using now.

With the temperature sensor settings you can try to reset the temperature reports to changes of 0.1ºC and a maximum interval of 300 sec.
Not all devices allow setting changes after pairing, especially since they may be asleep when you try.
In any case, when you change the driver, the default configuration will be sent back to the device.

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OK, I am making some progress. Sorry for spamming :grin:

Only problem I have left which relates to this v sensor is, that all routines that include aqara sensor, after a while disappear. I don’t know why, do we have some logs for this maybe?

I am not sure if this question belongs to this topic though :thinking: