(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc, Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc

Hi @Jan_Backman

This driver is not a driver for a thermostat device.
This driver converts or adds to a device with a temperature sensor the functions of a thermostat.

On the other hand, these devices use the EF00 TUYA cluster and it would not work with this driver.

(New Release) Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Humidity Sensor Mc Version-5:

  • The driver is now called Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc and will be in testing, since I have only been able to test two profiles of two devices that I have. In the meantime I will keep both drivers updated.
  • In order to reduce the number of drivers installed in the Hub, I have modified the driver to be able to create a Child Virtual Thermostat in the installed devices that are needed.
  • The virtual thermostat is created by selecting the preference in device settings.

  • The device that is created has the name of Thermostat + the name of the parent device

  • It will show the temperature of the parent sensor with independent temperature compensation Preference of the parent sensor.

  • It will show the relative humidity of the parent sensor with its same compensation.

  • Thermostat has all the functions of the Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc driver and works the same.

  • To delete the Child Thremostat device created when it is not needed, it is deleted as one more device in the App. False option in preferences does not delete device.

  • Child Thermostat can be created when needed again.

  • If a driver change is going to be made, the child device is also changed automatically to new driver, but it will give errors if the driver to which it is changed does not have the code to handle it. It would be better to remove it first.

  • When you go back to the original driver, the child thermostat device will also change.

  • I will continue to maintain the Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc driver for motion and contact sensor devices with temperature sensor

This is the new driver version
Driver Id 6b656485-8237-41fa-bb46-7c928a97dd13
Name Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc
Package Key Zigbee_Temp_Humidity_Sensor_v5
Version 2022-10-09T15:26:26.461639748

If everything works fine, as it seems now, it may be possible to implement it for Zwave temperature sensors as well. The problem is that I don’t have any device to test.


Excellent work! Just curious about the β€œMc” in the name. Are those your initials?

Hi @BartschLabs

Yes, I added it to differentiate them from the stock drivers that had the same name and then I put it to all the ones I made or modified


Mariano, I’m trying to install v4 and v5 of the temperature and humidity sensor drivers, however when I select these drivers the SmartThings application hangs. For what it’s worth, the device is the Centralite 3310-c, and I did update the iOS SmartThings app today.

Hi @maranhao

This is a problem with las app version.
I hope fixed soon

If you have CLI installed in a Pc you can do a driver change with this command

Hello @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Can you include or download in the driver of temperature sensors and humidity device?


Hi @Raimundo
Added to these drivers versions

 Name         Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2022-10-24T17:47:04.699195088
  - id: "_TZ3000_kchagk8y/TS0201"
    deviceLabel: Tuya TS0201
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_kchagk8y
    model: TS0201
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-battery
 Name         Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2022-10-24T17:47:38.015542361
  - id: "_TZ3000_kchagk8y/TS0201"
    deviceLabel: Tuya TS0201
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_kchagk8y
    model: TS0201
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-therm-battery
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Thank you!


I have had a humidity sensor near my shower for quite a while, but never got it to trigger my bathroom fan nicely. The problem is that the baseline humidity changes day to day and throughout the year, so establishing a rule based on a fixed humidity never worked well. What I’d like is a rule that triggers if the humidity has increase by x% in a span of y minutes or less, and then I would like it to run until the humidity reach (x-1)% less than the present humidity. Would something like this be feasible?

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You may be able to do it in SharpTools. It has the ability to use math to set variables.

I would ask your question in the SharpTools forum.

A solution I use is to compare the humidity to that of the room next to the bathroom. When x% higher, trigger fan until within x% of other room’s humidity.

Hi @maranhao
As the routines are, I can’t think of anything.
As @Paul_Oliver says with sharp tools maybe it could, but I don’t know

Hi Team, has anyone try installing a Sinope Thermostat? (TH1123ZB-G2)? it seeems that there is not edge driver avaialbe.

Any thoughts?


@DiegoAntonino, this thread is probably not the right place to pose this question, but I’ve looked and there aren’t any other threads about Sinope Zigbee thermostats and the custom DTH driver specifically, so let’s continue here until someone suggests we take it to a separate thread.

My Sinope Zigbee TH1300ZB thermostats are still working with the old DTH driver, and I see that the SmartThings app offers the TH1123ZB thermostat as a choice when adding new device. I suggest that you go with the offered driver for now, even if it is a DTH one. SmartThings has promised that at some point, they will auto-migrate all devices’ drivers from DTH to Edge where an Edge driver is available.

I have just asked Sinope Tech Support if the currently listed drivers in SmartThings, Add a New Device are Edge or DTH. I’ll let you know what they say.

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Thanks @BartschLabs. Yes, I looked around and I haven’t found anything for this brand/device.

So, I went ahead and I was able to add it into my smartthing (indeed it used the old device handler)… I would say barely works… the capabilities are not the proper ones, it cannot get the state of the device, etc etc… But so far, at least I was able to change the set point from the app… Need to do more test with rules though.

Please keep me posted when you hear back from Sinope folks.

Thanks a lot!

The initial answer from Sinope Tech Support is:

Smartthings are in the process of migrating devices to Edge drivers , the latest app update ( android) solved the issue with the zigbee thermostat. The driver on the app should be the latest available

To which I’ve responded:

I have the latest SmartThings Android app. The SmartThings app is showing me that the driver for my Sinope TH1300ZB thermostat is not an Edge driver.

When you say the latest Zigbee driver, should my thermostat device in SmartThings be appearing as an Edge driver device or as a DTH device?

If it is not showing as an Edge driver device, how do I update it so that it does appear as an Edge driver device?

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My temperature measurement is very accurate

In detail view the temperature is displayed with one decimal

I think that this rounding error probably comes from the fact that I have the measurement correction -0.8C in use.
Is it possible to change the driver so that the main screen also shows the measurement with one decimal?

This is a bug in the app or the stock presentations, which has been happening for a long time.
The value displayed on the tile and in the detail view is the same and sometimes displayed on the tile with many decimal places. Some times is show fine
Also in the IDE events it is sometimes shown with many decimals.

The rounding is not done in the driver, it is done by the app when it corrects the compensation offset and the conversion from ΒΊC to ΒΊF is done if necessary.

It also happens to me when I have a negative temperature compensation

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Are you able to easily add devices to this driver? I have a variety of sensors that I use, the old smartthings button and the smartthings multisensor, among others. What would it take to get these added to this driver?

Thanks, Rick