[Edge Driver] Halo Smoke and CO Detector

@johnconstantelo This is awesome. Granted Halo is long gone but I’m glad to get the remaining years out of the devices before they age out (or die prematurely which I have had several).

A couple of questions:

Concerning the lack of the “Hush” feature, without looking at the code I’m just wondering if that was due to complexity / features in the Edge interface or a liability thing as to why it’s not in this Edge version? (Also lost in the “ST new App” update a while back of course)

Do you think it is better to switch now (unjoin and then rejoin) or just wait until Oct. 15th? I’ve seen a few people making references to a default edge driver that all unsupported or custom DTHs would be switched to meaning it seems like you could avoid the rejoin effort by simply waiting and then just switching the driver from a default to this one.

Thanks @LLwarrenP , there are a lot of really good developers in this community trying to help people with this platform change, so I can’t take all the credit.

The reason why the Hush feature isn’t in this driver is because of complexity, but it is on my roadmap. This is a custom capability, which isn’t difficult to define, but it’s going to take some time to figure out Halo’s original code and “map” that back to this driver. There’s also an ongoing issue on the platform right now with custom capabilities and how they are displayed (labels) in the mobile app. ST keeps changing things on their end (undocumented and unplanned) that are breaking labels and causing them to be named “untitled”. I’m waiting for the dust to settle on that issue before doing any more work.

As for switching, I would do that now to be honest because this is not an ST driver and nobody knows if during the migration if ST will look in your custom installed drivers to make a match. I did all 10 of mine sitting on the couch without having to get up and touch any detector.

I also had a few die, usually because the battery stopped charging, but one did go belly up and could not be recovered. I was able to replace the battery in those, and there’s a post in the community about that. I also have a couple spares in the closet I found new on eBay, just in case.

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Thanks so much @johnconstantelo and @Mariano_Colmenarejo! This worked first time, has kept my Halo devices online and my house and family safer!


All three of mine are added using this driver and working as expected.


How exactly are you removing and adding? I assume not doing the exclusion? Just force deleting it?

Since these are Zigbee devices, the only option is to delete (technically it is an exclude process though). I literally sat on my couch and deleted one at a time, and once it was removed I listened for the Halo say it was ready, and then I kicked off the add new device process and selected scan nearby.

Since I only have these as part of Home Monitor, and that’s set up to automatically include all detectors, I didn’t have to change a thing.

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It worked for me as easy as you described. Thanks for the advice.

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