Edge Driver for ZRTSI or Tahoma SOMFY Control

For the last several years, I’ve been using the ZRTSI zigbee to RTS bridge for talking to my Somfy blinds. I have also purchased a Tahoma bridge to experiment with as well.

Currently, both work with Smartthings. The ZRTSI bridge, however, is a DTH running locally and written by imnotbob (GitHub - imnotbob/somfy-shades: SmartThings Somfy dth for zrtsII) but he seems to have not added to the code in a while, so he may not be actively working on this any further.

The Tahoma also works with SmartThings, but it is added as a linked service to SmartThings.

With regards to edge drivers, there is one called zwave-window-treatment (SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/drivers/SmartThings/zwave-window-treatment at main · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub) and it looks like it controls systems that use the Grabber technology (like Zebrablinds) but I don’t see direct Somfy support.

Does anyone know if either ZRTSI or Tahoma has edge drivers coming?

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I’m looking forward to the drivers for ZRTSI bridge.

Thank you!!

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Only one response? No Somfy users on smartthings?

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i got rid of my ZRTSI and switched to Bond

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So Bond works with Somfy? That must be new.
Last I looked at Bond it only did IR, I think.

I’ll order one and try it out. I am assuming there is an edge driver for it then?

Bond Bridge

Add Wi-Fi to ceiling fans, fireplaces and Somfy shades

There s both an official integration and a Community developed Edge Driver.


Thanks folks

I also have the ZRTSI II Z-Wave to Somfy controller so I can control my outdoor shades. It is not using the custom DTH. In the IDE it is listed as a ZWave Controller, and each shade is listed as a ZWave Window Shade. I remember seeing the imnotbob DTH but I never loaded it as it wasn’t needed for my shades to work. I noticed my hub has Edge drivers for ZWave shades loaded, but right now the shades aren’t using them however they are indicated as being “local”. I’m not sure what will happen in the transition to Edge.


I have this ZWAVE TO RTS INTERFACE | Somfy

I have used this for years, now. I originally had it installed on a Wink 2 hub but transitioned to SmartThings about 3 years ago. On SmartThings, the device is listed as a ZWave Controller. The shades themselves are listed as ZWave Window Shades. They did not require any custom DTH. This is for my Sunsetter outdoor shades (I have three of them). The one controller operates up to 16 shades.

My recommendation is to get the Bond bridge. It works with the Sunsetter Awnings and Shades. I don’t believe there will be any support for the ZRTSI with Edge.

So SmartThings is regressing, having less support. I’d switch to Hubitat or something else if I have to buy yet another device just to continue using a device I already have working.

The ZRTSI is being discontinued by Somfy.

That would apply for anyone who doesn’t already have one. I have one and it has been working, on Wink 2 and now SmartThings, for years without a single problem.

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Hubitat user keithw has developed this integration for Hubitat -

It works very well.

Although this thread is marked as solved, I do believe that it would be great (and far better) if someone could develop an ST Edge equivalent of this Hubitat driver, instead of requiring Bond Bridge.

I wish someone would create a ZRTSI Edge driver. I bought a Bond Bridge and while it somewhat works, it is such a mess. If the power goes off, I have to unplug/replug the Bond device numerous times to get it to reconnect to the SmartThings hub, otherwise it will be offline indefinitely (left it for two days, it wouldn’t reconnect on its own). Even when it shows connected, it is slow to respond and kludgy. Nowhere near the smoothness and quickness of the ZRTSI.

Are you using the official bond integration or the community developed Edge driver?

I had added the link to Bond Home as a Linked Services. But, now the Bond Bridge is showing connected by the Edge driver and the Bond Home link is “disconnected”.

In that case, you may wish to remove the linked service and see how it works and stays connected.

The Linked Service was disconnected, so I doubt it had any influence on the device. Bond Bridge is a very poor substitute for the ZRTSI.