Edge Driver for Ring Alarm Range Extender 2nd Gen

Anyone know if there is an edge driver available for the Ring Zwave Range Extender (2nd Gen)?

As this device has a built in battery, it can be used to trigger power outage notifications.

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My Ring devices (cameras, doorbells) are all integrated via the Cloud->Cloud integration without drivers. That may be the same with this device as well. Try linking your Ring account to ST by adding a device by brand name and see if it shows up as an available device.

Actually, I don’t have a Ring account, just trying to use this device as a Zwave device to strengthen Zwave network and enable power outage detection.

Doesn’t look like the Ring range extender is included in the default driver.

Might want to check with @Mariano_Colmenarejo to see if any of his drivers could support it.

This stock beta driver only has the refesh capability and has no code.

Any device that has this generic fingerprint should be able to work with it.

   -id: "GenericRemote"
     deviceLabel: Z-Wave Remote
     genericType: 0x01
     deviceProfileName: range-extender

Would be great if someone wrote a driver so that we could then setup an automation something like this:

Not sure what you mean by “could support it.”

The device does work as a range extender. What I am trying to achieve is to get its battery status.
Once that’s possible an automation can be triggered on the condition when the device switches to battery power > notify about a power outage.

Hi @ukiews

What I mean is that the Z-Wave Range Extender driver can’t do what it wants because the profile only has the refresh capability and they don’t have any code and therefore it can’t do what it needs.

For what you want to work, you would have to add a profile with powerSource capability as a minimum, create a subdriver for this device and the code to handle the powerSource capability, since the default zwave libraries do not have a default handler for powerSource