Using ring range extender gen 2

so, I was able to pair a ring range extender gen 2, but it paired as a z-wave device. I went into the ide and changed the device type form z-wave device to z-wave range extender. Then *poof" it disappeared off the things list in the old app. though in the new app there it was in all its glory. it says connected, but until i see an endpoint zwave device link thru it i wont know that its really working. so, does this sound right or will the ring range extender need a custom device handler written up for it.

You don’t need to change the DTH. Repeaters don’t even need a DTH to work. Once they are paired with the hub, they will automatically repeat.
DTH’s only purpose is

  1. Configure the device (custom parameters and UI)
  2. Allow SmartApps to communicate with them

They have no bearing on core Z-Wave functionality (e.g. repeaters).

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ah, thats good to know.

something interesting, i unplugged it for a couple of hours, but it still said connected in the new app.

Ive had one in my network for a couple months without issues.

did you set the device handler to ‘zwave range extender’?

i really wish there was an option to look at a router to see what is linked thru it instead of having to check all zwave devices in the general area.

I did, but like Rboy said, it doesn’t make a difference in the performance. But it does set the icon correctly in the app. I took a quick look at some devices and don’t see anything routing through it :man_shrugging:

yup, noticed the icon in the new app.

checked a few zwave devices in the general area of the ring extender and sure enough something is routing thru it and the ring extender itself is routing thru a couple of aeotec sirens back to the hub.

If these are the Gen2’s, then they also have a battery in them. As such, you can use them to detect when there is a power outage. So, this is one you may want to find the correct driver for. (I’m using mine on HE, but you might be able to port the driver over from there)

do you have a link to that HE driver

I knew it would get asked and was in the process of looking for it.
The one I am actually using:

Here is another post with a link to another one:

To use it for power loss detection, I have a rule to notify me when it detects that it is on battery power. It is an instant notification when I unplug it from the wall.

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thank you very much. would someone that knows how to port HE device handlers to ST take a look at them and see if they can be ported over.

Was there any progress on this? Just plugged one in and it’s working, but would prefer to access the things like power outage warning. Thanks.

That would require a custom device handler. The standard Z-Wave Device will just cause the device to show up in the SmartThings app