Edge Driver for Qubino Thermostat?

Well I’m starting fresh but I have a lot of existing devices that I’d like to move to ST. Qubino thermostats, Nexa stuff, IKEA things… and more but there seem to be only old Groovy drivers available from GitHub etc for these and that seems to be no longer supported? IKEA seems to be a mess for other reasons… Is it still possible to use the old IDE or is that a dead end?

You can use the IDE to change device types in order to uninstall custom DTH and to force delete devices. You can also delete the custom DTH’s. But that’s about it.

The IDE basically read only at this point.

The Edge drivers you need are probably available. You need to ask with full details about each device and someone will likely point you in the right direction.

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Maybe… I can’t find anything right now for my Qubino thermostats except for a link to a GitHub groovy driver. Seems I picked the wrong time to try ST… Maybe it’ll work better in 6 months or maybe by that time Homey’s got their act together.


It’s a tricky time for sure, particularly if you are using a hub. What one of my engineering professors used to call “changing your clothes while riding a bicycle.” it should be possible, but it’s definitely tricky. :man_mountain_biking:

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I use smartthings zwave thermostat driver for qubino.

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How do you make it use that. For me it ends up as an energy meter…


I installed it from Smartthings beta channel.

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Ok, thanks. I got the driver installed but how did you make the hub use it? If I try to install a new thermostat I don’t get anything but a list of manufacturer based choices?

Have you tried add device > scan nearly?

If you have installed the driver you have to set your device in pairing mode and then search nearby in the app.

That’s what I did. But it just keeps pairing as an energy monitor…

I have
A 868.42 MHz
Type: Flush On/of Themnostat

Is it the same?

Are your Qubino thermostats Z-Wave or Zigbee?
What are the exact model names?
If Z-Wave, do you have the Manufacturer, Product, and Model IDs?

I ask because it may be possible to have one of the community experts add to an existing driver.
In my case, I had to create Edge drivers for my Secure (Horstmann) SRT323 and SRT321 thermostats.

Some googling of the model details may be required.

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868.42 MHz
Type: Flush On/of Themnostat

Is what it says on the label.

There is an older thread (Groovy-related) about a slight variant of your thermostat:

The implication is that support has been dropped in favour of the newer V2 version.

The zwave.eu site has information also:


The Qubino site has a link to detailed manual which includes the information needed if you were going to write an Edge driver yourself:

Finally, the openhap site has information that suggests the Manufacturer Id is 51 and the Type: 5 but no Model number.

It seems much more complicated than my Secure Thermostats.

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Is it an edgedriver yor device is paired with?

I don’t know. I removed it and paired it with my old Homey. I’ve ordered a new one, we’ll see how that works in a couple of days…

I have the flush on/off thermostat 2