Edge driver for brilliant wifi plug energy monitoring?

Wondering if there a edge driver for a brilliant wifi plug energy monitoring, its a Australian model which i think is 20676/05, mine might be the older version of this.
Its currently connected using the smartlife app and smartthings doesn’t find it, so using scenes currently for control and schedules.
If required, i can connect it with the brilliant app if integration works better, just trying to aviod yet another app to add to the list.
Would love smartthings as the only app.

Thanks in advance of course, as all you guys are great with everything and helping.

Brilliant is using the Tuya/SmartLife platform and I don’t know of any Edge Drivers for Tuya based WiFi devices.

Therefore your only option is to create tap-and-run automations (scenes) in SmartLife and let those be imported into SmartThings. Unfortunately that doesn’t bring the power reading into ST.

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I thought it might have been a possibility with the brilliant app maybe.
Guess i just keep doung what I’ve been doing:
Create virtual switch and use scenes in routines.