Edge-based Total Connect 2.0 security system Integration?

Has anyone looked at creating an Edge-Based integration with Total Connect 2.0 (Honeywell Security System)? Something like what was done in Groovy mentioned here:

and here:

I’ve used this one for many years:

I have a rough integration working now through IFTTT, but it’s not ideal and doesn’t work as well as this one did.

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There has been an official c2c integration for Honeywell TCC for as couple years.

On any page push + sign > add device > by brand > Honeywell TCC.

I could be wrong but I don’t think Total Connect Comfort and Total Connect are the same thing. TCC is for thermostats, Total Connect 2.0 is for security/alarm systems.


I could easily be mistaken.

Honeywell/Resideo doesn’t help by using such similar names.

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Hal is correct. Total Connect Comfort (thermostats) and Total Connect 2.0 (security systems) have nothing to do with one another other than both being related to Honeywell products.

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I would like a Total Connect 2.0 integration too.

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Though I also use Total Connect Comfort, and agree with everything Hal said in the last several posts regarding the issues with that integration, please keep in mind that this thread was originally intended as one to discuss the potential for a new Total Connect 2.0 security system integration with SmartThings, which has nothing to do with Total Connect Comfort thermostats.
I’m still hoping someone will see this and develop a replacement for the old Groovy-based Total Connect 2.0 integration mentioned above.

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Yes, sorry. Totally hijacked it.

Maybe @JDRoberts will have some spare time to move the off -topic posts to a new thread…


Done. The new topic is here:

Honeywell Home Total Comfort Connect?

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Hi @JSDrummer1 - did you ever get anywhere with this? Looks like my previous integration from @mhatrey finally died back on Friday night. I didn’t expect it to keep working in this new ST world, but it did, and now I’m looking for a new way to integrate it into SmartThings (or HomeBridge). Not finding anything out there though…

Hey @ratlhead, sadly, this has not been done. The above mentioned Groovy-based integration originally built by mhatrey quit working on me quite a while ago. As far as I know, no one has updated it, and mhatrey has been inactive on GitHub for about 6 years now. I am still hoping someone will see this thread and take on building a new integration between SmartThings and Total Connect 2.0.

I appreciate you posting here. At least that’ll give our forum a bit of activity.

I can tell you what I’m doing, in case you want to do it too, but it’s not a very good solution. Using virtual switches, I’m using IFTTT to act as a go-between since it integrates with both SmartThings and TotalConnect 2.0. So, I have three virtual switches for arm stay, arm away, and a third for disarm. Pressing them, triggers my IFTTT applet to do those things on the TotalConnect 2.0 side (kinda). I also have three status virtual switches, so the security system can report back it’s state to them through IFTTT.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that TotalConnect 2.0 does a good job when it’s the “If”, but not when it’s the “Then” in IFTTT, so my status reports are almost always accurate, but calls to arm or disarm the system only work about 40% of the time. IFTTT support has said it’s a problem on the TotalConnect end and Honeywell support will not work with IFTTT on improving that part of the integration.


Hi @JSDrummer1 - apologies for the slow response here.

You’re right, the IFTTT solution is a bit tough. I had thought about going down that road but after seeing your post, I’m convinced I shouldn’t LOL

I used to work as a coder/engineer, but I think I’m a bit too rusty to try to write something that would help us out. Was hoping there would be a bit more demand for something like, and I’m surprised there’s not. It has been huge having someone own the Homebridge integration, but there’s no current Total Connect plugins that work there.

Will certainly come back here should I figure something out on my end… I’m still not used to having to manually turn on/off my home alarm, or use their official app. Who does that in 2023?! The horror! LOL


If you have a Honeywell Vista or DSC alarm panel you can connect an Envisalink 4 to your alarm panel. Envisalink will integrate with Smartthings with one of the edge drivers below. I currently have this installed in my Honeywell Vista 20P panel along with a Total Connect 2.0 module, and they don’t seem to conflict with each other. You just have to set the Envisalink to shadow mode which the directions explain.

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Hey Rhino, Can you confirm whether this will work on Honeywell Lyric panels? That’s what I use with Total Connect 2.0. Be great if I could find a decent integration back to SmartThings.

Unfortunately the Envisalink module needs to be hardwired into your panel and programed as a keypad, so I am fairly confident it won’t work with the Lyric. Sorry this route doesn’t solve your problem! Hopefully someone smarter than me will figure out how to bring back the TC 2.0 integration!

Hey, thanks RhinoC. Hopefully, this’ll be a good fix for some folks. Thanks for posting!

I’m using an older model - one that looks like this on Amazon.

Assuming an Envisalink won’t work with this either, @RhinoC ?

Honeywell Security 6160 Ademco Alpha Display Keypad

That’s a VISTA series keypad, EVL is compatible with VISTA alarm panels.