Edge-based Total Connect 2.0 security system Integration?

Sorry just seeing this…you’ll need to check the model number within the alarm panel itself. The panel is where the wires to your keypad originate from. I currently have that exact keypad in my set-up, so it is possible your alarm panel is one of these - (Honeywell Vista 20P, 21iP, 15P, 10P, 128, and 250). Those are the current compatible Honeywell panels which work with Envisalink

Thanks again @RhinoC for the info. I went down the rabbit hole tonight and read all about the Envisalink board, got the install instructions from the eyezon.com website and started looking into it. I have the Vista 20p panel (opened it up and confirmed), so one of these should work. While going through the manual, everything made sense, I just worry it won’t be ‘that simple’ LOL

Going to buy one now and see how it goes. Thanks again!