Ecosmart LED Smart Bulbs

Bought the ecosmart rgb led at home depot today. I used the ZLL RGBW Bulb device type and everything works great! Colours are pretty much spot on.

With regard to the 19.17 firmware update today, setting the device type for either “Zigbee White Color Temperature Bulb”, or “Zigbee RGB(W)” will enable these bulbs for local control. If you have any ST ”Smart Lighting” apps running these lights from SmartThings motion sensors, refresh the app (open, next, done) and the app as well as devices will show as running locally via the IDE as described below:

Kudos to the ST team as both ecosmart and hue lights are now running locally…much faster!

Hello, not sure if it’s just me, but I I am not able to control these anymore. I removed device, and I tried to reset bulb and re-add but smart things is not detecting the bulb at all, I do the 2 second on/off and I see the bulb dim but smart things just doesnt’ see them at all for me to be able to add, and then change device type.

Any hints, would be great. I was able to do this before, only after update.


Unfortunately you will need to bring the hub or bulb closer to each other. I find it’s easier to bring the hub with a long ethernet or a wireless AP with an ethernet port.

Edit : one other tip is not to remove the device in Smartthings. Just reset the bulb and then try to run device discovery. You will see the bulb blinks if found but won’t see new device found. ST will add the bulb back to the existing device. This way you won’t loose you smartapps, DTH or name.

Thank you @Navat604

I normally do as you suggested, just reset bulb without removing, and it flashes, and problem solved. This time, and the reason I came here is because all my attempts fail, so I thought maybe I had to remove.

I will bring them closer and try again, thank you.

Hey guys and gals

I just got one if these white bulbs and it was easy enough to set up. I set its type to Zigbee White Bulb but I have a few issues. First and most importantly of the light switch is turned on manually Smartthings reports the bulb as off, i can then turn it on in the app, then off and the light will close. Secondly the brightness always shows at 0 on the app but I can go in and change it and next time I go into the app it’s back to 0 (despite the bulb still being at max brightness). First time troubleshooting smartthings so just wondering where to start.


I got the daylight bulbs. They paired just fine, with some tweaking from the IDE.

However, they lose connections pretty often. When I press the on button, it just says turningon forever. Resetting the hub seems to fix it temporarily. But it is disturbing since my other bulbs, which are Sengled brand don’t seem to have that issue.

I got the white daylight 60W LED 5000K bulbs as well (SKU 1000835497). I was able to get them to connect to SmartThings no problem, but even after switching the device type to any of the types mentioned here: ZLL White Bulb, ZigBee Dimmer, ZigBee White Temperature Bulb, GE Link Bulb, it just wouldn’t show the bulb status from the app (show not connected).

Anyone else found any way to get these to work?

EDIT: Actually, it seems like it works with SmartThings Classic App, just not the newer version. Anyone have any luck getting the bulbs to show up in the new SmartThings App?


This is the exact reason I am not switching to the new app yet. I have both the Classic and the new one. But the new one is just sitting there unused.

Even they formally encourage us to keep using the Classic app:

Anyone figured out how to reset the ecosmart connected bulbs? I bought a few from home depot on clearance but it’s used so it was paired before.

On 3 seconds, off 3 seconds for around 5 times. You will see the bulb dim to indicate successful reset.

Thank. I’ll try that tonight

Anyone purchase the Ecosmart Par20 Bulbs, that have the white temperature control (soft white to daylight options)? I bought a lot of them two years ago, and they worked great with SmartThings up until around 6-8 months ago.

They started not to respond, and now won’t even re-pair with ST. No issue resetting them and having Wink find them, but ST can’t ever find them. Just bought a clearance one to try a “never connected before bulb”, and it still won’t find them.

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I bought a few of these - and I have tried them with SmartThings, Wink, and zigbee2mqtt - and on all platforms, I find the RGBW only respond to the 1st 1-2 commands (e.g. on, color change) and then become unresponsive for 1-5s before working again. Anyone else have this issue? I do have multiple zigbee networks in the house and I am wondering if this could be part of the issue… They are right next to the hubs.

I’m still using my device type for the RGBW bulbs without any issues… (Other than the graphics are a bit funny on the iPad)

These are the device types I’m using. I have two RGBW bulbs, and 5 white ones.

Ecosmart RGB Bulb
SmartThings-Snakedog116 (master)
snakedog116 : Zigbee RGBW Temp Bulb

Ecosmart Solid white, dimmable:
GE Link Bulb

I just got some BR30 ones of these. I was dismayed to see them be ever-so-slightly slower than my GE Link bulbs I want to replace. I have one gang of 3 controlled by both a motion detector and a contact switch on the door. I replaced one GE with one of the Ecosmart and tested with the door – there is a noticeable delay between when the 2 GEs go on and when the Ecosmart goes on. Both are on a local DTH and I’m using SmartLighting for the control.

I’m unable to force the bulb into pairing mode. I’ve tried many timing combos, but nothing has caused it to start blinking on its own. Any ideas?