Ecosmart LED Smart Bulbs

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I came across a new line of smart bulbs from Ecosmart at Home Depot Canada. The only indicator that they are “smart” was tiny Wink logo in the corner. The line includes many types of dimmable lights, including GU10 in warm and cool white. Standard A19 bulb is rated at 800 lumens. They are priced at $32 CAD for a pack of 2, but the singe lights cost half of that.

I tested one and the bulb easily paired up as “SmartPower Outlet V1”. I changed the type to “Zigbee Dimmer”. The bulb dims, but the lowest level is still pretty bright.

There is absolutely no information about them anywhere on the internet. There is no radio information on the box, but I assume they are ZigBee LL.

These are pretty good lights. They are pretty much the only GU10 alternative to Hue.


Cool, so they do work!

They seem to be the cheapest option for led smart bulbs.

I have a wink hub but I’m not impressed and am hoping to get a smarthings so I don’t want to buy any devices if it doesn’t work with smarthings

Osram Lightify comes in a GU 10 model, but it may be only available in Europe.

Can you post a picture of the box? I’ve been trying to look for these bulbs since they are Wink supported but there’s no information on the internet. I have some of their 60W replacement LED dimmable lights, but it doesn’t say anything of being “smart”.

Very strange to have a product and not showing up on the internet. Especially “smart” bulb controlling by your internet phone. Thanks for posting @625alex . I will pick up a pair of GUI10 and play around since HUE is almost $60 bucks a piece.

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Thank you very much. I spent yesterday looking for them on the HD website and in my HD store and nothing. Someone on a Wink forum said they actually have them in his HD store here in the US.

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I picked up a pair of this yesterday and they are actually pretty good. Nice looking warm white. Pair easily and I changed the device type to GE link bulb so I can dim down to 1%. Not really sure how to reset this bulb later since there’s no instruction but I can imagine it will be like a GE link.

I also picked up the Ecosmart LED Smart Bulb from Home Depot yesterday. Thanks @Navat604 for the tip on the device type. I also switched mine to the GE link bulb and it’s working really well. In Canada, the Ecosmart bulbs are listed at $19.97 each and $32.47 for a pair, but they also have the “saveONenergy” $5 rebate on until Oct 25, 2105, so a great deal!
I tried the GE link method for reseting the Ecosmart bulb and it appeared to work for me by indicating 3 flashes.

Here’s the method I used:
Turn off the light and wait 3 seconds. Turn on the light and wait 3 seconds. Repeat turning the light off and on (approximately 5 times). Turn on light and wait until it flashes 3 times…it is reset.


Has anyone in the US seen these in Home Depot? Also, does scanning the UPC pull them up on Home Depot website?

I just wanted to say that I bought the LED Ecosmart bulb… Love it! $33 CAD for 2 smart light bulbs is awesome. Shows up as “ZigBee Dimmer”.

I’m in Canada, so I can’t say about the US, but it is on the website now.

There are many different styles, but the basic one is Model # 50211015001 | Store SKU # 1000835496

Also, has anyone tried the RGBW version?

or the white tunable ones?

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Oh, the GE Link Bulb type works too. Doesn’t have to be ZigBee Dimmer.

Just depends on how you want the User Interface to look.

I got one of this RGBW bulb. Didn’t play with it much but I know the OSRAM Lightify LED flexible strip RGBW device type works. The bulb is actually pretty decent.

Awesome, that’s good to hear!

Thanks for the feedback.

$35 sure beats a $50 Philips Hue. (I know there’s probably quality and feature differences, but coloured lights are just a fun toy for me, not too high on my priority list.)

i purchased 2 turnable bulbs and added them as OSRAM lightify. It works great. However, when i dim the bulbs i hear humming noise from the bulbs…

I haven’t noticed a humming sound (I have the RGBW and the Cool White EcoSmart Bulbs).

Is it loud? Perhaps you got a faulty unit?

Some humming is normal for a dimming bulb, but it shouldn’t be noticeable unless you are right beside the bulb.

i hear humming in both bulbs, installed it in a ceiling fan and is noticable

I bought one of these Ecosmart RGBW bulbs. Works great.

Colour reproduction isn’t perfect (When you choose blue, it’s more of a purple, orange is more yellow etc.) But not too big of an issue considering it’s much cheaper than the Hue. The biggest colour reproduction issue is that when you select the ‘cool white, or warm white’ options in the RGBW colour wheel it doesn’t really work.

I thought I’d also share my SmartDevice I created for these bulbs. This device allows you to have both ‘Tunable’ and ‘RGBW’ controls. This bulb handles both pretty well:

RGBW and Tunable Zigbee Device

If anyone sees an issue with my code, or a way to adjust the accuracy of the colour reproduction, please feel free to push me some changes.

I also thought I’d share the following two SmartApps that I’m using with these lights:

This SmartApp will adjust the light to match cool-white to warm white depending on the time of the day:


This SmartApp lets you control a ton of different things. One of those things is it lets you control a RGBW light based on different triggers (Motion, time, sunset, sunrise etc.) I use this app to turn the light to a certain colour at a certain time of day

Rule Machine

Ceiling fans sometimes have dimmers built in. Can you please try plugging the bulbs into a different socket?

i also used osram lightify turnable bulb in ceiling fan socket. there is no humming noise in that but when i use ecosmart i hear humming noise when i dim it.