Ecolink "Smart Switch" light switch control - Compatible!

Ecolink is actively selling and supporting our 2nd generation ZWAVE Plus “Smart Switch” light switch control products. These devices are very compatible with SmartThings. They are easy to install, no 110V wiring required. The Ecolink “Smart Switch” product line includes single gang and double gang options for both toggle and rocker style light switches. For more information on the products, go to:
Ecolink Smart Switch Info

There are so many application options for our Smart Switch products integrated with SmartThings. We want to hear about yours!
We will post application videos over time.


Welcome! These devices have been popular in the community since they first came out.

I believe @ajpri did the first DTH for the original generation back in 2017. As @Automated_House notes below, custom device handlers are no longer required, but you can find community discussion of the devices and how people are using them in those threads. :sunglasses:

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For clarity in case others find this thread, they no longer require a custom device handler.