Anyone used this

looks neat.

I believe this will solve my issue where i have smart bulbs because the 3 way config has no netural an di dont want people to turn the switch off… i can sense it and automativally turn it back on…
I don’t want to remove the switch in case it is still needed

Yes, it has been discussed in the forums for several months, there are threads about it, it has been added to the buttons FAQ, and there is a DTH for it. Did you search for it before you started your thread?

If you look in the quick browse list in the community – created wiki, it’s on the DTHs for lighting.

But it’s not likely to solve your smart bulb problem because this is a mechanical actuator and moves the switch underneath it. That’s cutting power to the smart bulbs with all the usual problems. Unless you’re just going to stick it on the wall someplace else.

For use with smart bulbs, see instead the following FAQ