Is there a zwave battery controlled device that can turn a switch on and off?

Since there are door locks that can control a servo to lock/unlock a door, are there devices that I can control something like a toggle switch.

Yes, there is one: the Ecolink smart switch cover.

I have a couple of these and they have worked well so far.

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Also good, but that one’s zigbee, not zwave, just in case it matters to the OP.

Good news is I believe SmartThings has recently added native device handlers for both of them.

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Bummer. Thanks for the heads up.

That might work. I basically need a battery controlled wireless single pole single throw device for low voltage. With this I could just put a dummy light switch in it and connect the leads. Building my own servo device AND making it battery controlled is too much work.

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I didn’t think he had specified from reading his message, but I just realized his thread subject does say Z-Wave, so sorry about that. Yes the Third Reality devices are Zigbee.

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Figured it out.