Ecolink Wireless Light Switch Retrofit (TLS-ZWAVE5)


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The Smartest House - Toggle
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Ecolink has released a Z-Wave Plus retrofit for any single-gang light switch. This is similar to the Switchmate, where it acts as a “mechanical finger” to control lights without making wiring changes. Not too much has been publically said about it. However, a video from CES 2017 gives the product a brief feature. Z-Wave certification for the Toggle and Decora versions are listed. FCC Information is also available (Toggle/Decora). This is a great device for anyone that rents their house or doesn’t feel confident enough switching the wires.

Device Handler:

The DTH provided below allows the device to be used in SmartThings. In addition, it should give the unit better battery life than the Z-Wave Switch handler.

GitHub: Code Link

Owner: ajpri
Name: ST-EcolinkWirelessLightSwitch
Branch: Master

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I like this one a lot. Once you get one, post a picture of it on the wall so we can see how it really looks. :sunglasses:

I have switchmates in a few places in my house ( run via Wink 2), and they’re OK for a budget automation switch, but they do lose connectivity a lot, so that we typically have to send a request 2 or three times. We don’t have to do anything else with the wink, it will reestablish the connection, but it is annoying. (Before we put them on the Wink and we were just using them with a smart phone, we had to actually reset the switch each time it lost connectivity. :rage:)

I noticed the Amazon link says it works with all Decora styles; does that mean it doesn’t work with a toggle switch? Of course it’s pretty inexpensive to swap out a dumb toggle for a dumb rocker if that’s what it requires.

Anyway, always good to have choices!

(Austin Pritchett) #3

Thanks! I will post pictures when I can. Since It’s Z-wave it should work MUCH more reliably than the Switchmate.
As far as the Decora/Toggle goes, I THINK this is the Toggle. I took a bit of a shot in the dark with this. I actually ordered it back in June, when I noticed the listing on Amazon. There was another Amazon Listing for the Decora (DLS-ZWAVE5), but can’t find it. I noticed the product back in April after stumbling across the Z-Wave Certification Listing. I’ve been keeping a look on it, and got the shipment email this morning.

(Mark) #4

I might check this one out. Thanks for the heads up!

(Mark) #5

@TheSmartestHouse will you guys be selling this?

(Mark) #6

Also, re: decora vs toggle.

That amazon product page (for TLS-ZWAVE5) says “compatible with all decora style switch’s [sic].”

But the pic of the DLS-ZWAVE5 device on the z-wave alliance page looks to be a different device (with what looks more like a decora switch on the device itself).

(Robert M) #7

Yeah, but with this being $40, if you’re going to do some minor electrical work, you could just swap out the switch itself with Z-Wave switch for less (I think the GEs go for around $35). Of course, you need a neutral wire at the switch for that, which a lot of older houses won’t have, so this would be a nice way around that in those circumstances (as is Switchmate if you don’t want SmartThings integration that they are supposedly working on, though I suspect both of these devices will suffer from what I call the “Lockitron v2 Problem” of not always fitting or moving the underlying physical device correctly).

But yes, as you said, it is nice to have choices. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I should also add that Lutron Caseta is another choice if you want to rewire but don’t have neutral running to the box, but they’re more expensive and you’ll need a bridge to make it work with ST, so it won’t really solve any of the problems we’re dealing with here.

(Mark) #8

That’s the point, not all of us can install a z-wave switch in the wall.

Could be due to lack of neutral wire (like the OP or me). Could be you’re a renter and your landlord doesn’t want you to mess with the wall switches. Or if replacing a light switch is just beyond your skill level.

(Austin Pritchett) #9

The Link you posted on the Z-wave is for DLS-ZWAVE5. Where the outside looks like a decora switch - both listings on the OP, They’re the same device in theory. I’ll find out tomorrow, but I’m hoping it’ll work.

(Mark) #10

Agree, what seems to be confusing is the amazon listing for TLS says it’s compatible with decora…


We’ll definitely carry the product once it’s available. For now, Ecolink hasn’t gone back to us about the official release date but we’ll keep you guys posted!

(Robert M) #12

Sure, but replacing switches is exactly what we were talking about. :slight_smile: (Replacing toggle switches with rockers if that’s what this requires.)

(Mark) #13

Yes, if someone with a toggle switch is motivated enough to control their lights with ST, and this device only works with rocker switches, then a dumb rocker switch could be installed in place of a dumb toggle switch. Then this device goes on top. No neutral required. Unlike a z-wave switch that is wired into the light circuit.

It seems this thing was just released. I’m sure that soon enough both the rocker and toggle switch versions will be available.

(Austin Pritchett) #15

An update on the native DTH:

I took the Z-Wave switch code and added in what I believe to be the device fingerprint. Right now it is functionally equivalent to any other Z-Wave Switch. The device supports battery notification and should be added into the DTH soon. Interestingly, the manual doesn’t mention about being able to invert the switch. However, if my unit doesn’t respond to that Parameter (Parameter 4), it’ll be done in software.

(Mark) #16

Austin when you get the device can you let us know if it fits in a double (or more) gang switch box? Or just a single gang? Thanks!

(Austin Pritchett) #17

Update on Package:
Being a Houston, TX resident, who is currently going experiencing Hurricane Harvey, it doesn’t look like the device will be delivered today. I’m hoping for a Monday delivery. It was set out for delivery, but it was updated to being delayed due to the conditions.

(Austin Pritchett) #18

I’ve decided to upload a draft of my work. I won’t be getting the device until probably Tuesday.
This is completely untested however it should be able to:

  • Control/Get status of the switch
  • Automatically pair to this DTH.
  • Report battery life.

Owner: ajpri
Name: ST-EcolinkWirelessLightSwitch
Branch: Master

(Robert M) #19

I ordered one of these as well and mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow but hasn’t even shipped yet, so I doubt that will be happening. Thanks for your work on the DTH! I found the manual (which has information on what Z-Wave command classes, etc. it supports) and was going to start working on the same, but this should save some time. Looks like it would work as just a basic on/off switch pretty easily, but if the documentation is correct and the device works as expected, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the rest.

The installation for this is also a bit different from a Switchmate: here, you take off the wall plate and put the Ecolink light switch on as a sort of newer/thicker, two-piece (screwless on the outside but screwed in on the inner layer, usurping the existing plate’s screws) wall plate. It’s a bit more involved than the Switchmate, which you just plop on top of the existing switch and wall plate, but unlike Switchmate, it works with Z-wave so should work natively with SmartThings (Switchmate is supposedly still working on that, but since the devices only support Bluetooth it’s likely we’d need a “Switchmate bridge” to really make it work–unless they get to be the first people to take advantage of the v2 Hub’s Bluetooth radio, which would be nice).

So, to answer, a question I’ve seen: no; this probabably won’t fit on multi-gang plates since it’s effectively a replacement for a one-gang wall plate (so the Switchmate Bright has an advantage there). To address another issue, the version pictured that appears to have a switch in the middle appears to be the toggle version, whereas the version–harder to find at the moment–that looks like a decorator switch itself is the model for decorator switches. So, as long as you get the right model, you shouldn’t need to replace your switch–though I’ll note again that if you’re comfortable/able to do it, there are cheaper in-wall Z-wave switches if you have a neutral available (and the more expensive and bridge-requiring Lutron Caseta if you don’t but would pay more for dimming, remotes, etc.). But note that even the Ecolink here does require removing the wall plate, which I think even I found intimidating the first time I had to do that. :laughing: (I’ve replaced a few switches and they’re pretty easy, but this should be even easier for almost anyone.)

(Austin Pritchett) #20

Thank you for the post.
With Mail services still being suspended due to Hurricane Harvey, I’m still uncertain when I’m receiving the switch. Personally, I’m hopeful about Thursday. I will still continue development how I can.

All the DTH is now at this point is a normal Z-Wave Switch with added code to support battery life and pairing correctly.

(Mark) #21

Thanks for clarifying that.

I also emailed ecolink and just heard back from them. They confirmed it’ll only fit over a single gang switch.