Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2 sensors not seen by the ST V2 hub

Unlike other posts I’ve read, my V2 hub doesn’t see the sensor at all. I have 16 of these and all 16 aren’t detected by the hub. In addition, 3 Aeon Labs Smart Power switches aren’t seen, or are several Aeotec Multisensors V6. The list goes on an on. In fact the only things that have worked after 14 hours of trying are the light bulbs. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. The V1 hub ihas been removed and I can’t get the V2 hub too work. Come Monday I must have at least the Ecolink sensors working or I’m in a heap of trouble.

They definitely work, I just put two on to the ST V2 hub.

Before I did I removed the batteries from them, sent a ZWave exclude command and then put one of the batteries in, the light on the sensor should flash and then go steady, repeated the process for the second one.

After that I removed the batteries again and on the ST app I searched for new devices (didn’t specify any particular device) and then put the batteries in one after the other, waiting to make sure one was detected before powering up the other.

No issues as at all.

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Problem solved… at least for the Ecolink and Aeon Labs motion detectors. I used a Z-stick (gen 5 I believe) and not only were the motion detectors found, they were correctly identified (Z-Wave Motion Detector and Aeon Multisensor V6.)

A Z-stick? Not sure what that is but nothing extra is needed to pair the EcoLinks with the V2 hub.

Just to say… I’m having the same exact issue trying to pair brand new Ecolink Motion to my v2 hub today. 2 new sensors, and the hub just won’t see them, or if it does see one, it says it’s not correct and continues to search.

Try doing a general exclude first. This is different than a factory reset. The exclude removes any old controller information, or partial control information from a previous failed pairing. Even a brand-new device can have this if it was connected to a tester network at the factory. So just gives you a fresh start before you then try the next pairing.

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Thanks JD, you are correct of course. I had found that link through further searching and it was exactly what I needed to get these devices working. I used the “General Device Exclusion”. I also made sure and deleted some half completed “unknown” things just to make sure there was no conflict, but I’m not sure that was necessary.

What would we do without these forums (and Google in general). Hope this string helps others save a few minutes more than I did some day soon.


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