Ecolink PIR Motion

I have recently purchased an Ecolink PIR Motion Detector to use with my sensors and SHM. Recently on a trip, the alarm kept going off due to the motion detector, yet there was nobody home, including pets. I was thinking I need to reduce the sensitivity.

Any ideas why this would be? What can I do to prevent this, as we are heading back on vacation in a few days.

Thank you in advance.

Is the motion sensor pointed at a heat source? That will cause false positives.

Not really… its about 8’ up on a 10’ wall… no vents or heat sources nearby.

I’m trying to remember if I had any issues. I used to have a couple of them until I replaced them with IRIS sensors. Is it pointed at a window, or can it see the sun during the course if the day? Temperature changes are what set these off. IE, your body heat.

Try the FAQ, it applies to all brands of PIR sensors:

FAQ: False positives on motion sensors

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