What's setting off my motion detectors?

I’ve got an Ecolink Z-wave Plus Motion Detector in my office that’s detecting motion when I’m not in the room and I’m not sure why. My best guess is that it’s something to do with the computer equipment sitting on my desk - I’ve got 4 monitors, a desktop, a printer, my SmartThings hub, router, modem, and other small stuff like wireless headphones all sitting in line of sight of the sensor. As far as I can tell none of them have anything IR except maybe the monitors.

Aside from trial and error, I’d love to hear suggestions for how to diagnose phantom motion detection events.

Any heating vents in plain sight? Changes in heat patterns can set them off.

Maybe the heat from all that equipment is setting it off?

I have a motion sensor at the top of my stairs that goes off when I walk in a corner of the room downstairs. There’s no visible line of sight that I can find. I still haven’t figured it out.

I live in FL - no heater or A/C running at the time.

Maybe when the case or PSU fan for your desktop kicks on the change in heat trips it.

Stick it in a draw/box for a short while and see if it’s still reporting issues…that’ll narrow down if it’s a dodgy sensor.

If that checks out, try repositioning it away from anything with a heat source. Don’t forget that sunlight can also trip it (as it warms up objects it lights up).

Also change the batteries, might be dodgy/dead battery causing phantom reports.

If you have more than one sensor there is also the Zone Manager app (unsure if that’s the exact name) that will allow you to say “only report motion if BOTH agree there is motion”. I use that for my entire house, not had a single problem.