False alarm from motion sensor

Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice. The motion sensor seems to be activating when the temp drops in the kitchen? It’s a daily occurrence, so much so I can’t use the motion sensor. Anyone with any advice?

Could it be that its picking up a heat source such as a radiator…? Is there any pattern such as similar time of day?

We used to have a standard PIR controlled flood light at our old hose, which was positioned close to the flue of our boiler. When the boiler came on and the wind took the exhaust past the light, it would trigger and turn on!

The same could be happening here but with a different source of heat.

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. It’s fairly intermittent, although seems to be in wee small hours when the house is cooling down I presume?

It wont pick up temperature cool/increase as such like that , its more a sudden temperature change that appears in front of it. Other things that could set it off are spiders but unlikely if its fairly frequent.

Only other thing I can think of is an erroneous condition or faulty hardware. You don’t say which make/model of the sensor you have?

Try relocating it, or even if possible as a test, pop it into a cardboard box over night in a location where the temperature is fairly static (IE under the stairs) and see what happens?

First of all I would recommend discounting whether or not it is environmental. Place the motion sensor inside a box for 24 hours and see if it still motions. I have a couple which do this so clearly nothing to do with placement.
Secondly, these motion sensors are primarily designed for quick reactions and not for security purposes so are very sensitive and quick to fire. Therefore you should not let it face any sources of heat or cold or anything that may be affected by the sun.

So not pointing to or above heaters/radiators, no windows, not close to drafts, no cookers, not close to vents, not facing open fireplaces, not facing even a wall that sunlight can hit (I even had motions when a bird flies past casting a shadow on a sunny wall). It’s pretty much hit and miss when it comes to experimenting with placement and I would advise using bluetack to start with until you finally find a working position.

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