Ecolink Motion Detector having delays

So I have what I think is a very basic setup. An Ecolink Motion detector in basement, ecolink Door/Window sensor, and a few GE Wireless light and appliance modules.

The program I have setup is if the door is opened or if motion is detected to turn on the lights and turn them off when no motion is detected.

Most of the time it works pretty good. But I found that every once in a while (1 in 10 times) it won’t register motion for 5-8 seconds. before the lights kick on. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until I walk all the way across the basement to the door and open it. Once opened they turn on.

Anyone experience the same thing? Recommendation on how to fix it? Is it the manufacturer?

We have an ecolink here at our house. First and foremost, it has a long wait time after movement. Meaning after it detects movement, it will not re-detect for 5 mins. That is at least what I have experienced. Now, you might play with the internal settings to see if that makes a difference in the 5 - 8 sec delay. Also, when you turn the light on via ST, is the same delay apparent? What type of connection do you have?

I believe that’s it. I find it works best after it hasn’t detected motion for a long period of time. I set a delay after no motion is detected so it will help with that time.

When I turn the lights on through SmartThings, there is no delay at all. I hit turn on and within 1/2 second the lights are on. They are all z-wave.

OK so we now know the delay it’s not the connection. I would aims that it is the built in delay of the device.

Hey everyone,

I noticed that my Ecolink Motion is performing the same issue with a delay of approximately 5 seconds. I have it in a stairwell and can get a few steps up/down before it triggers a light to turn on. I set this up as a safety feature, but feel there is no point with such a delay. Any updates on this?