Ecobee Suite

I installed 1.3 earlier today & see I need to delete it & reinstall 1.4. When I go to delete 1.3 I get this error message
"This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users"
What do I need to do to delete 1.3 I am the only one that installed it.

You will get the quickest answer if you ask your question in the author’s thread where you got the code, or the author’s thread for 1.4.

The author will be automatically notified when new posts are added to that thread and other people using the same code may also be able to help.

In this case:

@siam -

First, my sincere apologies for my screw-up that has caused you all this hassle. I wish I could have avoided it, but I made a mistake with 1.3.0 that had to be corrected.

Which SmartApp or Device are you trying to remove?

Did you follow the instructions for removing an old/prior release? Specifically:

  1. Remove Thermostat and Sensor devices from all SmartApps/Routines that may be calling/using them.
  2. Remove all of the Helper SmartApps from Ecobee Suite (Connect)
  3. Use Ecobee Suite (Connect) to remove the Sensors, by deselecting any and all sensors you selected, and then exit Ecobee Suite (Connect)
  4. Use Ecobee Suite (Connect) to remove the Thermostat devices you selected, and then exit Ecobee Suite (Connect)
  5. Go back into Ecobee Suite (Connect) and select the Remove page (near the bottom), and then click the Red Remove button

If you tried to delete devices directly from SmartThing IDE or Mobile, without first going through the above steps in Ecobee Suite (Connect), you will probably need to email to have them delete the devices and/or SmartApps (don’t feel bad - I had to do this today also).

Please let me know when you get 1.4.0 installed, and again, I apologize for the hassle I have caused…

I forgot one very important step - in Bold above…

Smartthings support via email deleted ecobee connect for me very fast, they didn’t even send an email saying they did it, it just disappeared within a couple hours. Might have to go that route again lol, we shall see later