Trying to uninstall Ecobee Suite

It broke after the conversion so I was going to uninstall and reinstall. However it won’t let me. It says it’s being used by one or more people in the IDE or the app won’t delete it. I see in the app where it shows I’m authorized
I have
Changed my Ecobee password
Removed the suit in the Ecobee app
Deleted my thermostats from SmartThings
Delete ever component it would let me delete, so there is no going back.
But apparently since I logged in once, it doesn’t care that the password has been changed.

I would use SmartThings automations but I just want it to resume schedule when I come home, but in the automations you have to put in a specific temp (which it doesn’t set right) and it locks the temp so it won’t change in the next scheduled time.


The only thing I have not done is remove SmartThings from the rage Ecobee app.